Grab the domain name trademark 1000 oak copy no legal risk happy net


November 14th, 1000 rubber group executives said, Thousand Oaks have now shown that the model can be copied, and Thousand Oaks have domain name, "happy net" the trademark is registered, will soon be able to get, therefore, Thousand Oaks do happy net ( is without any legal risk the.

, according to media reports, 1000 Rubber Group Co COO Liu Jian in an interview for the first time talked with "happy net", he said, Thousand Oaks do happy net ( will not have any legal risk, but had acquired the domain name "spent a lot of money".

previously, thousands of oaks already has a community website, campus network, but another social networking site, happy network ( in the rapid rise in a few months, becoming one of the main competitors. Thousand Oaks group in October 14th bought the domain name, and in a few days after a low-key start with the same name "happy net (, and the page design and style with the happy network ( is very similar, is also known as the" copycat version of "happy net.

most of the domestic social networking sites are starting to imitate some of the successful foreign social networking sites, such as Facebook, of course, these emerging social networking sites will also encounter the same replication problem. "Shanzhai" social networking sites abound, bubble network has also arranged some of the friends of the Lei’s cottage social networking sites". However, the industry believes that, unlike other imitators, Thousand Oaks group purchased the domain name approach is actually one of the competitors in order to suppress.

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