Comparison shopping sites to expand e commerce blue ocean requires a number of capital injection


"since e-commerce, people’s lives have changed in every way." In the Internet industry, Alibaba is the concept of pioneer, but also the achievements of its height in electronic commerce; and smart Zhejiang people still capture and e-commerce network marketing master, superimposed e-commerce site width. It is understood that the more than 2 thousand national e-commerce platform, 60% in the Yangtze River Delta; Yangtze River Delta is well-known e-commerce sites, 60% in Zhejiang. In Zhejiang to do a comparison shopping search but only the price of a network, how easy. At the same time, people devote themselves to do thing posted price comparison net in Zhejiang Yiwu City, known as the world commodity city city poised with diligence and efforts dedicated to the comparison shopping search engine, making each Internet who dedicated for the pursuit of the dream.

in fact, in the United States, the first online shopping comparison shopping site has become a trend, the comparison of the shopping site has also led to capital chasing. However, in our China, a very interesting phenomenon is that small items on become the largest shopping place for everyone, the large product line to Jingdong mall has become a good choice for consumers. But really rely on less comparison shopping search engine of the poor, the price comparison shopping network clear-cut concepts have not really become the model of shopping one-stop service. This is exactly the Chinese shopping mall market operation of the sad, or the collective fall of China’s Internet capital operation, or both, we do not know.

if the Internet Co do not establish enough brand before is a rely on "burning" stage of development, then the comparison shopping search should be regarded as a burn not fuel-efficient lights in the business "". Price comparison network CEO Wang Hengzhi said in an interview, if you want to make a bigger shopping search, e-commerce industry in the formation of the industrial chain, must invest more than 10 million yuan. Therefore, the pursuit of venture capital has become an inevitable choice for bigger shopping. Price comparison network always believe that there is a huge amount of money behind it, comparison shopping search industry outlook is clearly the limitless. On the one hand, with the fast way to make money only brand comparison shopping concept quickly won more and more customers, the largest contribution to the market is undoubtedly. Only a short while ago, comparison shopping network and smart to take network as the representative of the first camp company to re search comparison shopping search engine, brand building and light focusing strategy to seize the popularity of e-commerce market share rapidly, but mediocre. But the price is net if the risk of investment capital settled, based in the consolidation of the team and the market, the price of search is likely to set off a siege in the field of electronic commerce comparison shopping; on the other hand, the network can profit income is expected to get a breakthrough. It is expected that with the gradual development of the network market diversified earnings, 2010 Internet advertising will reach 2 billion 490 million yuan, accounting for about 10% of the total online advertising revenue, no doubt belongs to the comparison shopping search market cake also can definitely make comparison shopping search sites to eat very satisfied. In fact, the prerequisite for the realization of these two aspects is the wind

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