Exposure part of the micro business department MLM Chen Yuxin interpret what is really micro busine


news May 25th, CCTV reported yesterday, the first domestic WeChat marketing case, claiming to be "Asian hypnotist" Chen under the banner of "millionaire" banner, taught in Nanjing, Shanghai and other places, the sale of the agency, the curriculum development of new members to collect money about 4600000 yuan. The verdicts, Chen guilty of the crime of organizing and leading MLM, sentenced to eight years imprisonment, fined one hundred thousand yuan, and the restitution of victims of loss.

however, in the CCTV fake micro business, we seem to be very necessary to review what is MLM


Baidu Encyclopedia for MLM explanation is: "to sell or sell goods in the name, the temptation of holding membership, membership fees collected, as the main way to profit behavior, namely mlm."

if someone says it is not MLM look at the level, it is wrong. Here are two important points:

first, in order to develop the level of profit means, where the most typical means of profit is charged membership fees".

second, not the real demand for the sale of goods. Here is the poison mask and the "Asian hypnotist" in two cases have very obvious signs, that is the sale of false goods, a black mask is poison factory, the other one is useless in the ordinary textbooks. These are not in line with consumer demand for goods.

so, in the judgment of your circle of friends is not a micro dealer, the purchase or not to join the agency industry, you need to strictly refer to the above two points.

however, for the micro business industry, what is the derivative way, it needs more business and industry to self regulate. Days ago in Beijing detoxification micro business conference, micro business spokesman Chen Yuxin proposed the five derivative (V5), went straight to the derivative of "three, pyramid, harassment" three big questions, for the first time in the industry point of view to the definition of what is a derivative". The so-called "V5" is as follows:

a, the demand for real, product quality assurance. Fake inferior, no warranty is not micro business.

two, their own or loved ones to use. No experience sharing is not micro business.

three, information moderation. Harassment is not derivative.

four, the channel for several normal levels. Unlimited level of development channels are not micro profit providers.

five, for a better life not overnight. Successful learning and big flicker is not micro business.

and these five caused widespread concern in the industry, many industry insiders believe: elaborate very clear." So, when once again to see a master tell you that you can buy a half a month Ferrari, a year to buy a villa, ten thousand vigilance, some successful learning chicken soup will be poison.

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