Flash purchase mode was copied vip com fear facing the red sea


muffled fortune vip.com sit, in the siege of his peers from all sides.

, like Tmall, Dangdang, Jingdong, more and more companies joined flash sales operations. Insiders pointed out that the business model is the industry’s crazy copy or will cause an impact on vip.com, the industry may soon be changed from blue ocean to the red sea. And vip.com will once again face the test of survival.

the profit margin of 23% people jealous of

since 2008, the rise of the domestic flash sale mode, vip.com, pretty things Qiaoyu, such as poly still website. However, after several years of industry reshuffle, vip.com has become a sales champion in the field of domestic sale fully deserve.

according to the latest earnings data, vip.com’s first quarter net revenues of $310 million 700 thousand, an increase of 206.8% over the same period last year, gross profit was $72 million 800 thousand, gross margin was $23%. According to previously published data, vip.com in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen four City Sales of about 13%, two or three provincial and prefecture level city accounted for about 60% of the city and township about 20% more.

in the domestic electricity supplier industry under the situation of vip.com Starving people fill the land., profitability is a thriving, this business model is closely related to its special. Including vip.com flash purchase mode: panic buying brands, discount, sales depth limit, which caters to two or three line city consumer demand for brand discount merchandise, but also can help solve many three or four line brand inventory pressure.

but vip.com coveted good times don’t last long, profit rate has become the object imitated industry. Vice president of Tmall little dragon disclosed that Tmall will launch in 2013 a new brand sale platform. This platform will provide three exclusive channel resources, independent entrance, so as to ensure the brands on sale at the same time, do not directly affect their sales in the Tmall flagship store.

May 20th, Jingdong launched the flash group business. It is understood that the Jingdong "flash group" will take different routes: the flash group mode, provide new starting exclusive goods, limit and large volume of shopping platform relying on Jingdong, do the whole category. At the same time, the group will also make full use of Jingdong’s logistics network, multi-point delivery to the country.

in this regard, vip.com chairman Shen Ya said, recently a lot of electricity providers to enter the field of sale, vip.com has 5500 people focus on this area, and has more than 6 thousand brand cooperation, of which more than and 800 are exclusive. In addition, vip.com industry has the largest and most experienced more than and 300 team of buyers, accumulated a lot of data and experience consumption.

"we know what to sell, what is not good to sell, which is also the lack of other electronic business platform to enter the field after the most things." He said.

giant layout flash purchase mode


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