How did Zara people save Esprit


Ma said that if the "health vertical mode" in the save Esprit in results, so further optimization and implementation of the "vertical mode" and "Omni channel mode" may be more important.


Tuesday, Esprit Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Esprit Holdings Ltd., 0330.HK, ESPRIT) released the annual report, the Hongkong company in fiscal year 2016 (as of June 30th) net profit of HK $21 million, compared with the $19 billion 421 million turnover, the net profit meager, net profit of just over 0.1%, if special benefits, is the profit in HK $1 billion 337 million or so in fact, the company is in a state of loss. However, if in a huge loss of HK $3 billion 696 million compared to fiscal year 2015, the results also will be made. The various contrast and contrast, largely reflects the transformation process of the Esprit enterprise at present.


Esprit CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Jose Manuel MARTINEZ GUTIERREZ health


in the transformation process of esprit, the most important figure is the Jose Manuel MARTINEZ GUTIERREZ, Chinese mingma health.

in fiscal year 2012, year 2011, Esprit released four years later in the 2012 fiscal year transformation plan, the earnings release after the introduction of horse health.

Zara from the parent company Ma HAOSI Indy spinning (Inditex SA, ITX.MC), before joining Esprit as Spanish Company’s distribution and operation director. Ma Hoss added, he also introduced three other Indy spinning or had long service Indy spinning executive Juan Chaparro, Elena Lazcanotegui and José Antonio; Ramos, the three people in the purchasing and sales strategy, each one has his good points on.

Esprit four year transformation plan is carried out in the Indy spinning to executive led, although Esprit’s performance is not good, but if you look after the financial crisis, the development of Hongkong company, you will find that the Esprit from almost a 300 storey high-rise vertical fall under. In the 100 layer, stretched out a hand. At present this hand still can not stop the inertia of accelerated decline, has dropped to almost 20, but the rate of decline more slowly, this hand is Esprit to pull, but can pull 300 very difficult?. However, at least not to fall to the 1 floor, smashing.


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