Tmall double eleven push Tmall Alipay shopping eligible income


sina science and technology news on November 5th morning news, Tmall announced today that it is trying to operate a value-added services for Tmall users Tmall treasure. Users can turn the money into Tmall treasure, but also get an additional bonus of 1% of Tmall’s annual subsidy, that the user can enjoy an additional annual income of up to 1% on the basis of the balance of treasure income. Tmall Bao into the amount of 1 yuan to start, the funds up to no more than 50 thousand.

It is reported that Tmall Tmall

, Po is the treasure in the balance as the base to provide a version of consumer oriented services, Tmall promised to the user based on the balance of treasure only for Tmall consumer, Tmall to give users an additional 1% consumer subsidies.

users will be the recent plan to consumer shopping money into Tmall treasure, in addition to enjoy the balance of treasure income +1% Tmall consumer subsidies, users can also enjoy the payment and Recharge Speed experience receive a random amount of bonus activities in the double eleven day. Users need to commit funds in the funds will be used for consumption in Tmall, Tmall transferred to Tmall treasure funds will not expire. If there is emergency, can also be transferred, but need to pay a certain proportion of liquidated damages, the trial standard for the transfer amount of 1%.

Bao Tmall project leader Liao Xichun said, through the double 11 big promotion of trading volume data prediction, Ali platform system capacity evaluation system, completes the payment pressure corresponding to upgrade, mainly to undertake the double peak trading payment pressure 11. This means that even if the other day shopping channel congestion occurs, the use of Tmall shopping can also be used without queuing payment. (Yangtze)

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