On the way to work on the need to help the real experience of angels


first say some of my personal experience, because I have always felt that my personal experience is a valuable asset, precious to the extent of money can not buy.

05 years after graduating from college, Shanghai into an IBM agent company to do the work of software development, made a beloved technical work, because the industry itself is to learn in school, at the time of software development has incomparable love, including up to now, the program still feel very cordial, later. I can fall in love, have a girlfriend, why want to say finally the word, because it seems from primary school to university I basically did not find a girlfriend, although the person is not too bad, always feel less what I see, I see, I don’t like us, is this.

so 06 years girlfriend home said let go open the factory, I am also not hesitate to promise, like all together business friends, especially the layman is not familiar with this industry friends, opened factories to pay a lot of twists and turns and energy, saying God helps those who help themselves can be considered successful. Now, after all, half the time has been in many brand manufacturers have achieved good reputation, such as WAL-MART, Anta, LG, Langsha, Jordan, psyche, and so on are. But finally can not resist the temptation of the Internet, and finally give up do not do.

05 in Shanghai, because the work is relatively easy, do a clothing information platform, and open forum, a forum to act as a go-between mode, 3 months are known, because I mainly focus on fashion design in this area, there have been several garment factories also talked to me styles of copyright and the expense, it can be said that this casual forum has profit model, but because the later opened factory, put down this forum, let it free, until he was supervisor please go to drink coffee, when the net station is finally in the factory do not officially come to an end. Think a little pity.

later broke up with his girlfriend, the reasons for breaking up and many couples break up the same reason, money, feelings, the future, the views of the family, etc.. 07 years when I came into contact with Taobao, a full-time Taobao seller in Yiwu, has been to Yiwu and I are full of mystery, as an inland city to develop into a global commodity base, is the need of many factors, the most important factor is people, so I to learn, constantly learning, learn their way of doing business, when open factories know many bosses, assets are millions, but they do hard work and rigorous work attitude left me a very deep impression, he lives, to become a successful person, you must with success, this is what I was thinking.

in Yiwu for a year, I was doing Taobao, while doing the independent website, with my understanding of electronic commerce, business is booming, the consignment was not popular, I have begun to do, "

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