Analysis of e commerce outsourcing strategy of high end brand enterprises


e-commerce has become the best prospects for sales channels. To this end, some of the traditional high-end brands have entered e-commerce. With the rapid development of e-commerce, online sales of luxury is completely subvert the traditional rules of the game, thousands of luxury show. This virtual network platform to businesses is the most direct benefits: manpower, shops and other management costs significantly reduced, the network of luxury goods from the date of birth has a natural price advantage. It can be said that the profits of luxury water is gradually being squeezed by the new model of online shopping. Foreign Blue Nile, the domestic diamond birds, etc., is increasingly becoming a huge fear of traditional jewelers terminator". In fact, the data also show that the price of the store than traditional store prices fell by about 30% – 70%, because the cost is not high. E-commerce marketing experts Huang Xiangru believes that the emergence of a new model of diamond consumption, means that the diamond is gradually becoming a popular consumer goods into the homes of ordinary people, is no longer a simple sense of luxury.

but do not do, how to do, and who to do, and there is no perfect and standard template. In fact, who to do and how to do after all, who is to do the problem, the best strategy is to use the traditional brand enterprises, their best at those brand strength, product, channel, integration of resources and the internet. Using its own capital, brand, procurement channels and other advantages of resources, in the choice of Shanghai will sell e-commerce outsourcing companies that implement ism, put out e-commerce outsourcing, which can reduce operating costs, but also get professional service, high efficiency, good income, Why not??

in Europe, 70% of European companies have at least one of the outsourcing functions of their business, which has 20% companies to improve their outsourcing scale and level in the next two years, because they are increasingly outsourcing as a means to gain competitive advantage. Many traditional manufacturers have begun to gradually peel off the production process, the transformation of the production service system providers, such as IBM, etc.. In foreign countries, there is a sample of firms listed on the NASDAQ in 1999, the GSI company, the outsourcing service provider is dedicated to provide e-commerce services for traditional brands, manufacturers, has revenues of more than $1 billion to 2009, more than 5500 employees worldwide.

e-commerce is a very new field for the traditional enterprise, neither e-commerce talents, and the lack of experience in e-commerce operations, some of the traditional enterprises to enter the field of electronic commerce is very tortuous road. Outsourcing is a shortcut for traditional enterprises to enter e-commerce. In the view of more traditional companies, outsourcing services seem to be more cost-effective – so that professionals, to do professional things. E-commerce outsourcing, there are two advantages, one is outsourcing service providers have rich experience in electronic commerce, according to the characteristics of enterprises and products to implement targeted solutions, two is independent of the outsourcing service providers will not be baffel factors within the enterprise, to avoid the negative impact of enterprise internal friction. Whether it is an integrated solution, or IT system >

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