Public comment CEO Zhang Tao 2015 target transaction amount of 70 billion yuan


[Abstract] public comment on 2015 target transaction amount of 70 billion yuan, revenue target of $2 billion.

Tencent science and technology news (Tao Ran) January 23rd, public comment founder and CEO at the annual meeting of the company, said the public comment on the target transaction in 2015 amounted to 70 billion yuan, revenue target of $2 billion.

with the development of life service O2O process, the public comment in the footsteps of the various business lines have begun to accelerate. At the end of last December, the public comment broke the $800 million financing news. Tencent technology confirmed from its investors, the public comment really get financing, but did not confirm the amount of financing.

previously, public comment published in 2014 report card shows:

1) public comment group purchase single month turnover of more than 2 billion, in addition to maintaining a second tier city leading edge, public comment on the three or four line of the city’s group purchase business to achieve rapid growth, a total of more than 20 market share to become the first city of


2) big promotion business (including promotion business and marriage business) orders more than one hundred million yuan, of which the effect of O2O advertising business within the monthly revenue doubled in March. Online booking products covering nearly 3 businesses;

3) in the hotel business, the public comment revenue is 5 times at the beginning of the year, has covered nearly 50 hotels; overseas, public comment information covering the 200 tourist city, the number of high-quality merchants compared to the beginning of an increase of 10 times;

4) in the field of film, as of December, the public comment online election seat theater reached 2000, covering the city of nearly 300, the market coverage in the country topped.

Zhang Tao said that 2014 is a comprehensive review of the year, everyone is faced with how to really do everything, and do a good job.

Prior to this,

, founder of the United States mission, CEO Wang in the media conference last weekend also reaffirmed the U.S. mission in 2015 100 billion yuan target transaction. U.S. mission in 2014 to achieve a 46 billion yuan transaction amount, while Wang said, with the goal of nearly $14 in revenue and $1 billion 900 million". Wang Xing also confirmed that the United States round D round of financing news, financing amounted to $700 million, the overall valuation of $7 billion.

started from the user reviews and public comment on the basis of the group to buy the business of the United States, has been more and more close to the business model, the two life service platform is also increasingly fierce competition. 2014, in addition to the three or four line of the city to buy the war, the two sides in the hotel, film and other business also has more coincidence. In the future, the two sides in the common "big platform idle away in seeking pleasure" position, for the entrance and depth of service competition, will also enter into the heated competition stage.

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