Jingdong VS Suning price war really is t is sheer fiction


when August 15th Jingdong and Gome and Suning in full swing, and a domestic electricity supplier does not sit, Yongle electrical appliances in 16 announced to join the price war, only one in Shanghai as an example, Shanghai Yongle general manager Wu Yong revealed that the purchase of kitchen appliances in the Yongle of the public, in addition to participate in the Yongle single commodity discount, 3 sets of kitchen appliances can also enjoy subsidies, superposition of household electrical appliances association of the highest China launched 10% special subsidies. From this, the electricity supplier industry once again formed a collective siege of the situation of the Jingdong, then this is who wins?

price war thunder and little rain, often one concept


noon saw the financial channel interview, many consumers are not optimistic about the price, do not think that is a suitable time for shopping, they think this is a kind of gimmick to their own businesses, is getting ready for marketing. Kobayashi is not to express their views, just want to say Suning, Gome and Jingdong before the war has been clamoring for zero per purchase, but when Kobayashi Shinsei entered their official website but did not find the existence of such goods. But before they claim the same product price is playing word games, if we carefully observe many of the concepts are the manufacturers themselves one out, such as the Canon A4300IS Jingdong in the price of 1099, priced at 1199 in the United States, but a closer look at the consumers know this camera with a black and blue price is not the same, so there’s no who who the lowest price, only from the performance point of view, the price war is certainly not too long time. While Suning is there too, when Kobayashi choose relatively hot products in suning.com’s official website to purchase, but to inform the other party of this paragraph is not available. And such phenomena are not uncommon. In fact, think also know, who is not a fool, impossible to get cheap term so-called pay, especially now Suning book of only 6 billion 700 million, not enough to repay the list of goods suppliers, the price war is inevitable to be considered.

Jingdong led Shishuwunai, enhance the risk investment is

some things are not considered, if you still don’t believe the words above, we can see the Jingdong CEO, Liu Qiang East micro-blog, that is, to ensure all electrical Jingdong to 10% cheaper than Gome and Suning price, with a look intimidated, Liu emboldened it is enough, but Li Guoqing saw the strange dangdang.com, bluntly online and offline prices are not comparable, this price war It is sheer fiction. That’s right, in addition to the cost of sales line, as well as staff salaries, rental shops and many other costs, so it seems cheaper than the normal price online, not cheap is not normal!

so, we can not help but think, since it does not make money, or do not want to participate in the price war, why were placed under the ring? Kobayashi like this price war, the Jingdong led Shishuwunai, is seeking to survive the move, since 2004 to enter the 3C industry, the market share "

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