Two a window started BAT’s O2O war of the two


these two days, the industry’s attention and many traditional industries, such as small and medium enterprises, are direct number. I look at the Baidu world congress speech process, but also can not help but come up with mobile phone @ good son fitness and @ sea fishing experience.

experience has two views, one is, is to save a lot of things, as long as you know the business name, you can directly @ direct service, booking reservations of what can be easy to fix; the two is behind this small @ is not simple, as a user, we can also be about pre reservation, and merchants the staff online consultation. I try to work with good health, the bottom of the sea to chat, feel the reaction is still timely. After that, there are also found to evaluate the place, but also can subscribe". This is the rhythm of the spike public number


in fact, not only for the number of public service on Alipay windows seckill, Ali is also a kind of impact, but is the so-called gun fight bird, who let WeChat do better than before the public service window unpopular? First pulled out a good beating.

actually, it is not a direct number. The public number to do their own rotten, it is no wonder that people say. Like a BMW 4S shop spent a lot of money to do public numbers, more than half a year did not bring a new customer. And although many of the old customers subscribe, but only 5% of the reservation rate, it is really sad reminder.

there is a saying that flies do not bite seamless eggs. WeChat public, it is because of the existence of the registration cumbersome and tedious operation, customization and other tedious threshold, before the birth of a client in WeChat industry, this industry is full of many irregulars, doing all kinds of WeChat public number generation operation and development, maintenance and other business. After reading the number, brush reading number has become a part of the business.

this phenomenon is more common that the number of WeChat public problems. And later launched Ali Alipay service window, but failed to end the tyranny of WeChat".

service window "appearance" looks and the public number is identical, although there is a gene and lineage based on Alipay Ali "payment core", but Ali in the life of the service has not been much progress, including pushing ability, high moral integration, user habits, business cognitive and so on, so many obstacle in there, the service window can only silently in the corner watching.

and the service window is different, with the advantages of Baidu in technology and O2O layout, direct number to terminator role out of the WeChat public number has become a natural enemy. Because WeChat has been trying to Twitter Life, public comment to strengthen WeChat’s O2O ability, but after the introduction of a direct number, Baidu with Baidu search + Baidu map + Baidu Nuomi + light application + direct number in the O2O layout, once again lead the BAT camp, let WeChat very helpless, in a very Speechless.

no way, undeclared war has always been so lethal.

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