Battle 618 we must put an end to behind the electricity supplier promotional discount trick


today is June 18th, many people expect up to 618 online shopping business promotion section, Jingdong, Taobao, and other electronic business platform to the day of the battle. This time the electricity supplier in the promotion of the year has been fried hot, attracted a lot of attention of users, seems to be comparable with the double eleven. What appears to be of great advantage to consumers, in fact, behind the double eleven Festival promotions often hide all kinds of tricky. For example: sales data fraud, the first price after the price, etc., it is learned that the special purpose of the Red Shield network sword will focus on remediation electricity supplier promotions.


if you often go shopping on Taobao, then you can not find some sellers, the first price after the price of the phenomenon, the specific intention is to raise the price, and then the appropriate price. Or the magnitude of the price is actually very small, just from the price point of view of the figures, can really attract the attention of many consumers. A look at the nature of a lot cheaper to buy a greater desire, which is the general psychology of ordinary consumers, who want to take advantage of small. If the price is not much concessions also does not matter, if the product is shoddy, this is unacceptable to the consumer.

brush, brush credibility, brush sales, electricity supplier data fraud is too easy, and the sales of the product directly affect the ranking of the site’s search, will mislead consumers to buy. Therefore, many sellers are going to hire a dedicated brush team, Taobao, Tmall sales data moisture is relatively large. In addition to the brush alone, there is a brush praise, or a disguised form to attract buyers to give praise, for example: as long as the seller to return to a few dollars, and so on, you can also find someone directly on behalf of the brush.

completely put an end to the electricity supplier data fraud is difficult, there must be a sound supervision mechanism, coupled with the electricity supplier platform. Data fraud is not only to deceive the vast number of consumers, for other honest business sellers are also very unfair. The electricity supplier promotional period should also strengthen the supervision to the quality of the goods, Taobao is selling the hardest hit, in order to prevent some illegal sellers during the promotional "shoddy". Need to increase the punishment in this period of time, the best to establish consumer complaints platform, convenient online shopping complaints and selling those crowd sellers or business platform.

whether it is today’s 618 years of promotion, but also is the promotion of the festival, such as double eleven, the electricity supplier platform is used to follow the consumer psychology and cheap psychology. When your friends are talking about the 618 promotion section, it will naturally be concerned about, coupled with the temptation of discounts and concessions. Business platform speculation staged a double reed, finally profit or Taobao, Jingdong and other electricity providers, Jingdong, Taobao in the past two years frequently create promotional festival. Behind the interests of the game are naked, or a wool in the sheep, so we do not have the promotion section too excited, rational consumption is king


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