WAL MART force electricity supplier 6 years from eBay to poach 65 technical staff



technology news Beijing time on June 25th morning news, WAL-MART recently from at least eBay hired 65 professional and technical personnel, hoping to strengthen the competitiveness of the field of electronic commerce.

due to the face of Amazon’s powerful competitors, coupled with the other side has a huge cloud computing infrastructure, WAL-MART is actively recruiting software, data analysis, search and cloud computing and other fields. In the past two years alone, at least 49 experts in the field have switched from eBay to WAL-MART.


WAL-MART in recent years, the number of employees from eBay dig foot

eBay has a rich reserve of talents in electronic commerce and open source software, so since 2010 to set up offices in Silicon Valley, WAL-MART in the company to hire. The WAL-MART eBay is still the headquarters of California Sonny Maxwell opened another office.

eBay employees recently may further enhance the enthusiasm of job hopping. The company laid off 2400 people in January this year, and plans to spin off the next PayPal online payment sector. EBay last week sold its stake in Craigslist 28.4%, and looking for buyers for the corporate sector.

"people see the bad omen, but WAL-MART seems very good development opportunities." Science and technology consulting firm IHL Group chief analyst Greg · (Greg Buzek) says buzeke.

WAL-MART spokesman denied the company’s past two years of recruitment activities against a company, and declined to provide detailed information. The spokesman said in an e-mail: "we will not work for a company to develop recruitment strategy." EBay also refused to respond.

Buzek said, eBay technical staff to be good at innovation. In addition, eBay also has a deep accumulation of technology in the field of open source technology, can be used for online logistics and infrastructure business, which is exactly what WAL-MART wants to compete with Amazon’s field. The world’s largest retailer will challenge the dominance of the online retail industry." He said, WAL-MART can not use Amazon’s cloud computing services."

all kinds of technical personnel from WAL-MART poaching eBay, including Vice President of global e-commerce platform and the system of Tim · Kimmitt (Tim Kimmet), he had worked 10 years at eBay and PayPal. From poaching situation, WAL-MART mainly focus on Agile development, search and analysis, Hadoop and other open source software in the field of talent. The company claims to be one of OpenStack’s largest corporate users, this open source platform can help companies build and manage their own cloud computing and cloud storage projects.


, eBay from WAL-MART poaching talent at least 314>

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