E commerce in 12th Five Year to complete the first draft of the plan highlights emerging technologie


led by the Ministry of industry, including the development and Reform Commission and other 9 ministries jointly developed e-commerce 12th Five-Year plan draft has been completed in February next year is expected to officially become a draft. According to the draft plan, is expected to 2015, e-commerce transactions will quadruple, a substantial increase in the contribution rate in GDP.

establish statistical system

, according to informed sources, in the face of the financial crisis, e-commerce bucked the trend, has gradually become a new bright spot of economic development, so in the "12th Five-Year" plan, will have higher expectations for the development of e-business.

and "11th Five-Year", "12th Five-Year", an important part of electronic commerce will be included in the strategic emerging industries, as a branch of the new generation of information technology will be the focus of the next phase of informatization construction. In addition, the application of e-commerce will also further broaden the field.


12th Five-Year" period, the main task of the development of electronic commerce is to promote the popularization and application of e-commerce and e-commerce applications to deepen deepening, including the promotion of large-scale industrial, trade and logistics, tourism services and other traditional enterprises, improve the level of development of network procurement and sales network; promote the mobile e-commerce and other innovative e-commerce development. In addition, in view of the current e-commerce statistics are not standardized, the establishment of a rigorous statistical system of e-commerce has become one of the main tasks of the 12th Five-Year plan.

using emerging technologies

There are two points of concern in the first draft of the


first, things, cloud computing and other emerging technologies will also be applied to e-commerce. According to informed sources, for emerging technologies such as cloud computing, at present is the lack of implementation of the "starting point", but the electronic commerce industry chain integration and logistics facilities, it is these emerging technologies "useless".

secondly, electronic authentication, electronic payment, modern logistics, standard system, credit system will be included. Especially the "electronic payment", with the central bank’s "non financial institution payment service management approach" and "Introduction" rules for the implementation of non-financial institution payment service management approach, the third party payment licenses issued has also been put on the agenda. In this regard, informed sources said that during 12th Five-Year, China will promote the standardization of electronic payment transactions, e-commerce companies will support the leading enterprises, but also to encourage grassroots innovation and integrated innovation model.

It is reported that

, then prepared for centralized compilation group of electronic commerce will also "12th Five-Year" for the planning, development goals, leading enterprises of electronic commerce and industry layout more detailed clear goals. In February next year is expected to formally.

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