Who will take this long road to go farther


a hot hot which have

any one of the years, any one of the history, there is a fiery red, a new thing out, will make a lot of people to become the boss even rich, but also let a lot of people give up. I feel like I’m not sure about the bonus period. In fact, this idea is wrong.

some time ago an apprentice I do tea health, I feel particularly strange,

health tea?

found out that there were 130 thousand fans in her WeChat public number. Her method is actually very simple, only everyone will do, everyone knows, she is just the details of the more detailed, simple things repeat do, but repeat do skills.

this example is sufficient to prove that there are still some bonus era, depending on how you grasp, including the opening of the era of Taobao bonus or some, see how you handle it well.

do not use the excuse to expire (the failure of the network are so)

two micro businesses need to be careful

micro business is very good, but also to make a lot of people to make money, but also to a lot of people spend money, money, which, of course, most people understand the marketing agency fees paid. Mobile terminal data day by day. You can see from the Tmall eleven transactions, most from the mobile terminal. This data description. The development of micro business is very large.

micro business sub species:

is a product of their own to sell, then you can follow the operation you will be

two want to do their own brand, and now only through the mobile terminal to sell

second kinds of situations, want to do the brand can only rely on the mobile side, then you are wrong, the brand is needed everywhere, relying on a mobile terminal, the impact is difficult to do. You have to remember your goal, you are to make money, or do the brand it!

want to do the brand, then you have to do PC side and mobile terminal, including Taobao, Jingdong, Alibaba……

do wholesale, retail, influential, this is the right choice to open channels in the internet. The title is now the most fastest.

three line to do the king, do not forget the old

brands do have a goal or dream when the industry leader. But often the people who operate the product to see a new channel directly into the new channel, put aside the old, and so did not do a good job, looking back to the old, in fact, the opportunity to leave him as soon as possible.

do not doubt the old, as long as it is still pure, there must be a reason, you want to explore the shortcomings, and then carefully to test the new, find a point, and then organize a large force to start not later.

on the Internet, many people have is Daniel, for reasons not to adhere or love, finally nothing, lead to. When you want to turn back to find new seeds have grown up, they can only slowly step back to

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