WeChat to the center of the pattern of positive small business electricity supplier pattern or shuff


The layout of the electricity supplier



may, in the eyes of ordinary consumers of micro business remains in the "sell" in the circle of friends of the impression, but in fact the game has already spread micro electricity supplier.

last week, the Tencent was married Jingdong pat Network announced on the line. It is worth noting that the conference, pat Kui Ying Chun network president announced that pat shop will be with the Jingdong open micro shop. After the opening of the pat Network sellers shop will be able to assume the function of WeChat shop diversion, and micro shop can play a role in helping the seller to operate the customer.

mobile terminal and the PC side to open up to the benefits of both sides is self-evident, and Phoenix Science and technology, the micro shop and pat Network with the PC side to get through or just a micro electricity supplier to embrace the beginning of the PC side.

"we next will open up with pat, Jingdong, we will through dozens of service providers, with Taobao, shop No. 1 to make a complete open, from commodity to orders, including some external information into this form a complete interface." Micro third party service providers pocket through providing the founder and CEO of the white crow told phoenix.

since last year, WeChat opened the payment function, this time to open the micro shop and PC side, as well as the promotion of WeChat’s public platform to promote the function of the layout of the mobile Tencent in the electricity supplier has gradually revealed.

Tencent according to official statistics, WeChat electric system includes the following types: the WeChat store, pat micro shop, micro shop, Jingdong Twitter Life, micro shopping, micro mall, micro businesses, micro payment, micro group purchase, two level domain name, WeChat micro shop grafting.

which, micro shop is divided into two modes, one is the platform model, there is a public platform WeChat account model. The former is like Taobao on Tmall, businesses are using Jingdong customers, not their own business customers. The latter is the business of Jingdong page link to the WeChat public platform account, the customer through the WeChat public platform account into the store.

WeChat, the super flow entrance has 600 million registered users, 100 million active users, has become the key to the mobile era Tencent counter attack electricity supplier step. From WeChat to pay for the micro shop and PC end of the open, WeChat electricity supplier layout has a very large potential for development." Ari analyst Ding Jiaqi Phoenix Technology said.

to the central mode of small businesses

for the development of micro electricity supplier, in the industry view, will be a good news for small businesses.

"now 80% of Taobao’s revenue comes from advertising, search, more than 40% of orders from the search. Businesses do not have their own customers, consumers can not contact, some people even use more than 50% of sales to buy traffic, because only in this way can do better, this is an unhealthy phenomenon." White crow admits to phoenix.

micro electricity supplier play is the industry believes that the above will buy electricity supplier pattern >

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