Baidu Mobi mobile phone domain name baidu mobi


.mobi is approved by the ICANN, and is committed to the Internet content to mobile devices, such as smart phones, PDA, mobile phones and other exclusive domain name. Is the world’s top-level domain name. Sponsored by the world’s leading mobile and Internet Alliance, these companies include: NOKIA, Ericsson, GOOGLE, Vodafone, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics ·, GSM Industry Association, etc..

      mobile access URL:

      1 all options can be entered by the home page keywords, click on the option to search.
      2 Dictionary: English Chinese translation retrieval. Input Chinese words, return to Pinyin, English interpretation. The input of English vocabulary, return, POS, phonogram Chinese interpretation and English.
      3: enter the train or train flight flight number, access to relevant information of the trips or flights.
      4 stock: enter the stock code, access to the stock price information and transaction information.
      5 weather: enter the area code or place names, such as "010" or "Beijing" day weather forecast query.

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