Hishop hand supply diversified cooperation power network development business



e-commerce service provider Hishop launched activities can be described as a unique, after January by a wave of strong group purchase activities with great success, in March and then thrown together caifutong free search promotion fee blockbuster, June Alipay marriage free Google promotion fee is set off a boom the industry. The July 53 purchase of Hishop and supply business joint cohesion volley years to promote activities is to create a new trend of industry cooperation. The industry attracted special attention.

first hand supply business complementary create win win win

it is reported that the two sides of the cooperation, Hishop is the leading e-commerce software service providers, the 53 is the purchase of the network providers. Build a shop, a supply of goods, such a combination seems to be designed for e-commerce. Online service providers hand suppliers, such cooperation in the industry for the first time. Therefore, the cooperation itself, far more than the content of cooperation is more worthy of attention. That this cooperation, we can see the surface in addition to the network brings benefits, which can bring surprises to our


Hishop is one of the leading e-commerce service providers in China, with more than 400 thousand users and is growing at an annual rate of about 66.8%. Integration of online service providers in the hands of a large number of resources, to provide customers with a better overall solution to expand the network market, which is undoubtedly the significance of this cooperation.

e-commerce continues to grow rapidly, making e-commerce become the pursuit of the goal of the enterprise, but the shop building and supply has become the constraints of their progress. As the shop service providers can help network operators to build Hishop they want to shop, but for the net business supply is still a big question. The greatest significance of cooperation for Hishop is growing together with the supply of resources 53 purchase support supply demand network better. This has also been adhering to his "close to the user, creating value, helping others to help themselves, and seek common development" of the concept of value.

so this cooperation, for both sides, should be very favorable. At the same time, in addition to the network to bring concessions to new electronic commerce network provides a good breakthrough online shop shop building and supply two to carry out the bottleneck problem of e-commerce solutions.

perpendicular and horizontal diversification just unfolding

in recent years, the owners have experienced rapid development of the Internet economy, buy, micro-blog, open platform to bring more new business opportunities to the owners but also to bring them a crisis. Therefore, the electronic commerce industry has become very active, busy to expand the market of B2C giants, as well as e-commerce service providers, are on their own stage to carry out new cooperation and seek new development.

Hishop as the leading electronics

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