Alibaba has been electricity supplier future business model is C2B



Zeng Ming


technology news June 6th evening news, Alibaba group chief of staff Ceng Ming at Credit Suisse Chinese investment today said in a speech, B2C is just a transitional business model, the real mode of e-commerce in the future is C2B.

Zeng Ming believes that the B2C mode is the traditional industrial economy, with the future development of the Internet, the voice of the consumer is more and more strong, the future of the value chain the first impetus will come from consumers, rather than manufacturers. Future business model customization will be the mainstream. It is the demand for personalized demand, multi species, small batch, fast response, platform collaboration, this is what we can see the future."

Zeng Ming seems, just using the technical means to do retail link than before is slightly more efficient, it is difficult to see the future of e-commerce, e-commerce and the Internet itself because the investment is huge, if you can not use the investment to create new value enough if the investment is not back the requirement of electronic commerce is a fundamental change in the mode of.

on the logistics problems, Zeng Ming said that over the past two years is the biggest bottleneck of e-commerce logistics, because of the promotion of electronic commerce, the domestic logistics industry has been growing at an annual rate of 30%-40%, this is a very high speed, but not enough to meet the demand of the 100% growth in electronic commerce.

has said that the next step is to build an Internet based Alibaba social logistics information sharing platform to promote e-commerce and then take a step forward. What is the next step of e-commerce? The answer is: supply chain collaboration platform.

"only when the electronic commerce from the retail network to supply chain collaborative, every aspect of the value chain in the Internet truly, it is no longer online and offline fragmented one island." Zeng Ming said.

asked how to make money to Taobao, Zeng Ming denied by Alipay stock funds and money speculation and logistics companies are divided into.

"how can you make such a small amount of money when you have such a big idea?. Taobao to make money, it is too easy, you have ninety million people every day to make a deal, you do not have to ask me, but also know how to make money, and that the money is certainly a lot of money, a lot of money, but also to make money, it is not easy to make money, it is not easy to make money." Zeng Ming said. (both)

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Zeng Ming: I would like to briefly talk about the five point of view, and then more discussion. The first Alibaba from 1999 start to today, 13 years down, we are excited, excited and worried, in what? Because e-commerce is just beginning in China, the future is exciting, it has too much growth, too much space. It’s because we’ve been away for 13 years

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