95 companies received a license to pay the third party of about 50 companies are still waiting card



Beijing News (reporter Su Manli) yesterday, the central bank announced in 2012 the first payment license list, a total of 95 new companies including NetEase, Suning, licensing, this is the fourth time the central bank issued payment license, so far, a total of 196 third party payment companies obtain birth certificate.

TV payment company for the first time to take

previously, in 2011 of May, in August and in December, the central bank has issued a total of three batches of a total of 101 party payment license, the number of licenses issued by the third batch of the first three times the amount of third.

according to the reporter, the first batch of 27 third party payment companies mainly engaged in licensing the payment service, the second group and third group mainly engaged in local business, obtain the prepaid card issuance and acceptance of business enterprises accounted for more than. The license of the company also is a local enterprise, this payment license covered by the scope of business is mainly prepaid card issuance and acceptance, bank card acquiring, Internet payment, mobile phone payment and payment of digital tv.

in particular, Kunming mutual card card technology Co.,, Shanghai billion Fu Digital Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing digital video software technology development Co., three digital TV to pay the company to get a license, the business scope is limited to the local area, this is the first company to pay TV obtain birth certificate.

in addition, the Internet giant NetEase’s payment company NetEase treasure and easy to pay treasure under the Soviet Union is also nominated, the scope of business are paid for the internet.

about 50 companies are still waiting for the license

in accordance with the central bank on June 2010 issued a "non financial institution payment service management approach" provisions of the third party payment companies did not obtain pay business license before September 1, 2011, will not continue to engage in the relevant business.

up to now, there are more than 240 third party payment companies to submit the application, there are about 50 companies waiting for licences. Analysys International (micro-blog) analyst Zhang Meng said that the central bank for the third party payment enterprises increasingly stringent audit trend, days after the licensing will be reduced, lengthen the time, tight approval.

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