Business analysis who say it must be good for the future of jumei com


has been described as it is with the pity is step by step, recently did a Disasters pile up on one another. point. The moment in the fake storm, let people lost confidence, a solemn promise, one side is a false flag around a trickster, as in the recent film and television in the Ke Moumou drug, while shooting endorsement of anti drug propaganda films, while private drug for two years. Such a person is loyal to the former, after the child is a boy, two completely different situation. The new niche can be said to be promising houshengkewei, placed in front of their own, why should carefully observe and study ventured into? You will find that in fact the phenomenon of fake already not the first topic, seems to have become the industry’s unspoken rule "". What are the existing behind the scenes possible risks it.

first, the environment is like this, just open one eye closed one eye. The first rookie only, or a good potential, this is worthy of recognition. Is the main electricity supplier market cry up wine and sell vinegar phenomenon is relatively common, why is aware of the tiger undeterred, these are the needs of a wide range of decision. Because of the low price can be fast absorbing cage popularity, which is the electricity supplier platform needed, so this phenomenon in the major electricity supplier platform is existing loopholes and audit system is not on negligence, in fact it is mutual consent. Often after the platform will immediately out of the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, the suspect, to write clean, stand again issued a statement neither painful nor itching. It is because under the influence of environment like this, this approach can be understood, but the lack of luck and experience, making the fake storm seriously affects its own brand and reputation.

second, the words and deeds, the fallen is difficult to re-establish the brand. All things are relative, not absolute, this problem, it can not be said to kill a stick, but the storm is bound to the future to have a great influence and combat, can not fall here, here to climb up to see the future good fortune. This slip can only say that on consumer really opened a lip-service, its brand and credibility will be greatly reduced. Not taboo is the industry’s largest event, say and do not, you will be a moment, it is difficult to ensure there are second to patronize, no doubt that is really their own stone on his own feet, and even affect the stock price fell, this time after the storm, the United States is to be in good condition, the brand is difficult to be accepted, is a hidden trouble in the process of operation, as soon as possible to prevent the generation of directional thinking, take remedial measures.

of course, seniority is still shallow, against all kinds of unexpected risk is still lacking. No matter how the business platform audit system strict and demanding, there are all kinds of emergencies after a fish escaped through the Seine, face, how to quickly escape without being affected by the development is the most realistic problem. In the fake storm, in fact, there are many electricity suppliers involved, such as Taobao, Jingdong and Dangdang have different >

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