The blue ocean is behind the 3000 fresh electricity supplier without a profit skinny reality


[review] to do a good job of fresh electricity supplier, we must carry out the O2O (Online + offline) mode. Occupy a large number of supermarkets, food stores, as fresh products under the line store. In addition, the network to the community, intensive, by giving consumers a preferential way to encourage consumers to access the Internet from the delivery of goods, reduce the end-to-end cost of delivery.


"this is a little anxious, did not catch up with the SF preferred." August 22nd, Wang Zhenghui, senior manager of SF EXPRESS’s new business operations, told the daily economic news reporter. Due to the selection of supply demanding preparatory period, not to be able to participate in this year, SF preferred the popular "matsutake sales battle".

is one of the goals are as matsutake chowhound eager early adopters, SF preferably also is just one of many fresh fighting. Only in August, the capital market has gradually emerged I bought the food network to complete the B round of $100 million financing, LETV heavily pound fresh action.

however, this piece was unanimously optimistic about the "blue ocean" behind, is the 3000 fresh electricity supplier without a profit skinny reality. "3000 fresh electricity supplier without a profit, this is true." Tongwei group e-commerce leader Wang Shijun told reporters bluntly. More people in the industry said that the current fresh electricity supplier is the price of cucumber sold as gold".

blue ocean is true, loss is true, there is no one to study the development of fresh electricity supplier to adapt to the closed loop model." Insiders pointed out. High loss, high cost, the last mile obscure, target customers and other issues are not a large number of constraints on the development of this blue ocean.

fresh electricity supplier staking

on the tip of the tongue "China" fire matsutake, the concept of matsutake season but also for the fiery electricity supplier adds a handful of fresh wood. SF’s fresh SF preferred business platform this year trying to join the war claimed to do 72 hours of matsutake, "from the origin of home in the distribution of matsutake". But because of the strong seasonal ingredients matsutake, preservation period, in addition to SF preferred supply demanding matsutake failed to get on its online business. At the same time, the electricity supplier of fresh agricultural benefits, Tongwei group’s platform after last tasted matsutake sales, this year’s harvest of 700% growth.

in early August, Jingdong, Taobao and other giants have attended the 2014 Shangri-La matsutake season Open Day ceremony in Yunnan. This not only makes Shangri-La matsutake realized starting in the Jingdong, but also means between a fresh electricity supplier "enclosure movement" is increasing.

in August 18th, as the music hit heavily to build the music life platform line, marking the music as a formal join the ranks of fresh electricity supplier. Prior to August 1st, COFCO electronic business platform I bought a high-profile network announced the completion of $100 million B round of financing. SF preferably also announced that since August 11th, the cold chain distribution extended to the city from 11 to 48. In addition, the Jingdong in the "daily economic news" reporter Cai

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