Taobao shuangshier will open the global auction model


yesterday, the reporter learned from Taobao, as the largest online auction platform Chinese Taobao auction this year, "shuangshier" will globalization, full range for novelty "species" and incorporated into the ranks of the auction bidding.

"shuangshier" on the eve of the first time Taobao launched the "consumer oriented China overseas real estate price auction hunters, including New Zealand, the school district housing land, the Caribbean Cayman Islands Houston permanent property villa, a total of more than 70 sets of overseas real estate auction will debut in Taobao. 15 city real estate auction of these 8 countries around the world, and the estimated total value of more than $32 million (about 200 million yuan).

In addition,

, and Lin Chiling went to Losangeles to attend the appointment of Oscar red carpet awards ceremony, let the Korean beauty circles do plastic surgery personally…… This auction will be appeared in Taobao "shuangshier" charity auction platform, at 0:00 on December 12th shooting, the lowest starting price of only 1 yuan, the income will be used for public welfare undertakings.

yiyuanqipai Caribbean island

Taobao in the "Twelve period to create a global real estate Internet auction. From the United States of New York, Houston, Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, British Liverpool, Canada Toronto, Malaysia and other sets of real estate price Qipai, no reserve price. There are two blocks with 930 square meters of the Caribbean Grand Cayman Islands coral land 1 yuan starting, no reserve price in the auction.

in the Cayman Islands, the United States to short distance not more than 1 hours of the world’s fifth largest financial center, no special restrictions on foreign holdings of land, Chinese yuan available to consumers directly buy and build houses, Taobao was photographed land buyers have 100% permanent British real estate. While the rich area of Houston Bai Li manor, belonging to freehold villas, in the Taobao auction platform starting bid price does not set a reserve price.

The person in charge of Taobao

auction project introduction, starting 400 thousand yuan is a relatively reasonable price is considerable, in many second tier city, the same price may only buy a blank room. The Taobao vision of globalization is not limited to the tradable goods sector, will be closer to the user’s life in many aspects, such as real estate consumption, car mainstream consumer goods also include, to create a good global investment experience for consumers.

in addition, the North Island of New Zealand’s largest city Oakland lots of Gold Park Apartments, is also the Taobao product highlights "shuangshier" overseas real estate auction price dips. The set is located in Oakland area of 70 square meters of high-level financial hardcover waterscape district room, details in the Taobao auction page display, the starting price of about 4 million 30 thousand yuan, if there is China citizens wishing to purchase real estate, there are no special requirements.

test the global charity auction

it is understood that Taobao in the future will be officially Wade global charity auction at the venue, leading to public welfare for the United States celebrity charity partners: Causemedia, fashion >

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