Discussion on the common problems of small and medium sized DC in China


2010, the domestic IDC market will re shuffle, small scale, poor service IDC will gradually be eliminated by the market, large service providers to integrate the IDC market will become a trend.

today’s special period, the survival and development of domestic small and medium sized IDC concern, a lot of webmaster friends would prefer to host overseas. Here do not talk about policy, a variety of reasons make the domestic IDC industry characteristics have been quite controversial, the drawbacks of its exposed everywhere, I believe the owners have purchased the domestic webmaster must have a deep understanding.

The superiority of

is far outweighed by the domestic defects. Here, according to the actual situation of their own experience, a lot of emotion, is scolded and verbose relates to the IDC domain name, not to open.

1 pre-sale, after-sales service vary widely.

this is the vast majority of human nature is selfish, so there is no doubt about it. In service industry, is to sell your products and services (including customer service service). This is not good, is dereliction of duty, is extremely irresponsible for their performance. Before you buy a host, pre-sale will ballyhoo for their products, once you purchase, service attitude to the 360 turn. At this time, you can’t say bad things about IDC, or you’ll be finished.

call handling to delay the time, cold, bad attitude. At present, most webmaster through QQ contact with service providers, simply do not respond to your QQ messages, or directly pull you into the blacklist, some people will ignore the telephone communication directly hang up, even curse you. These is no longer heard horror things. The use of QQ as an online customer service, at any time very stylish, but QQ this thing, after all, tend to entertainment nature. Suddenly think of, why not recommend QQ as the network contact, or have some benefits, the most conservative telephone customer service, worthy of trust, is still the mainstream of communication tools. In addition, the domestic small and medium IDC, you want a refund, out of the question, almost impossible.

2 management confusion, excessive interference (subjective will).

most of the small and medium IDC generally only a few people in the operation, the scale is very small, no formal procedures (contracts, regulations, systems), these small and medium enterprises accounted for nearly seven of the total market value. IDC are mostly lawless, but also learn to play telecommunications "cut" and "unwarranted", does not consider the interests of users, want to do what, motionless to the suspension, cancellation, closing, replacing your host, unable to visit often, every day down. This does not notify the user under the premise of private activity, but was called as "support policies, safeguard the interests of the webmaster, is to maintain its own reputation and interests of


3 product quality is not qualified, outdated technology, potential security risks.

industry is uneven, cheating. IDC industry started low, buy a host management program >

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