Perspective astronomical advertising look at second hand car electricity supplier three points


In August 28th

, Zhejiang TV voice advertising auction, excellent letter focus on car electricity supplier to 30 million price competition got "good voice 4" final 60 seconds of advertising, the transaction price is higher than last year nearly three times, the history of the most expensive television advertising Chinese advanced from 10 million 700 thousand yuan to 30 million yuan, to become fully deserve. "The history of the most expensive TV advertising".

behind the astronomical advertising investment, to a large extent, is aimed at China’s second-hand car electricity supplier market this tuyere. Generous ad understandable, but the second-hand car electricity supplier market as a very focused on the operation of the line of the industry, the price of advertising can hit the future of second-hand car electricity supplier market, which remains to be seen.

market behind the tuyere: the price of advertising and

used car electricity supplier market, which became the biggest driving factor in the price of advertising advertising. According to the report China Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) predicts that this year the domestic second-hand car sales will increase to 11 million, the market will exceed 10 million scale. At the same time, this year the second-hand car electricity supplier brand financing frequent news:

in March this year, second-hand car electricity supplier excellent letter for Baidu and other investment and financing $170 million, a full access to B2C used car business;

August 3rd, according to a financial report, second-hand car business all car has been completed by the Tencent strategy led a $85 million C round of financing, including the last round of investors, Lei Jun also cast with


is also in August of this year, excellent car Eslite also announced a $18 million 160 thousand financing. The financing by the Milky Way capital lead investor, IDG, grid, CRE with investment.

September 1st, the second-hand car business platform car, received 1 billion 200 million yuan B round of financing, koyu co-founder, senior vice president of South Korea, said the car will use the B round of financing of 1 billion yuan to develop the second-hand car market;

capital in the case of cold, car business platform car, all cars, excellent car Eslite announced in August this year, intensive finance news, which largely reflects the domestic second-hand car business market is being ushered in the air, a fiery second-hand car electricity supplier industry.

advantage: enhance fame, expand traffic

in the mature foreign car market, the general used car trading volume accounted for about 70% of the entire car trading volume. However, the annual demand for new cars is about 1 million 600 thousand, of which there are only pure new vehicles, second-hand car sales profit of only 5% of the total profit of the automotive market transactions, compared with the developed countries, the gap is very obvious. China Automobile Circulation Association data show that in 2014, the domestic second-hand car transactions amounted to 367 billion 565 million yuan, an increase of 26.03%. Total number of used car transactions 6 million 52 thousand and 900, an increase of 16.33%. Even so, compared with developed countries, China’s used car and new car trading volume ratio is less than the United States 1/10, Germany’s 1/8>

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