11 11 behind the business enterprise to build festival marketing


How long does it take for

to sell 10 billion yuan of goods?

"11· 11" shopping Carnival gives the answer is: 13 hours.

midnight yesterday, a "11· 11 singles for the name of the network war opened the curtain of panic buying, Alibaba’s Taobao mall Tmall even set a new record for retail China. At 13:38 yesterday, 11· 11 Shopping Festival Alipay sales have reached 10 billion yuan, the total sales of this figure in 13 hours is equivalent to the equivalent of eleven year golden week in Shanghai 395 major retail enterprises in 12 days, almost equivalent to the total retail shopping paradise Hongkong 12 days.

and the record turnover numbers corresponding to stay up there are a large number of Kushou buyers complain network busy, blocked, part of the bank credit card payment platform almost paralyzed, or lack of supply of goods shelves, high prices……

obviously, with singles in the name of money and more than Taobao. China largest online supermarket shop No. 1, the Jingdong in the mall with vigour and vitality to carry out "11· 11 online shopping carnival, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, a staff of anonymity said yesterday," 11· once a year; 11 online shopping carnival is the business enterprise completely spontaneous "Festival" behavior, the electricity supplier engaged in network marketing, suppliers must comply with the "rules of the game", if there is false discount, selling counterfeit and shoddy goods, cannot deliver the promised customer service service, the relevant regulatory authorities will intervene.

half day sweep ten billion goods

This wave of

climax of the "single day" marketing tide from the end of October began its "foreplay" part of a wave of publicity on the Internet so that consumers aim at "11· 11" this day. From the beginning of November 1st, more than 2000 civilink purchase goods collection or will be added to the shopping cart, waiting 11 days to refresh the payment, the equivalent of locking 20 large shopping malls goods shelves, more than 125 million people in advance to buy Alipay recharge for the 11 day, 1 hour charge funds amounted to 200 million yuan.

November 11th zero once, the first minute, there are 10 million people at the same time the influx of Taobao and Tmall (Taobao mall), the next situation can only be described as crazy:

"10 minutes, a total turnover of 250 million of Alipay


"thirty-seventh minutes, Alipay total turnover of over 1 billion


"seventieth minutes, Alipay total turnover of over 2 billion


8:10, Alipay total turnover exceeded 5 billion yuan! "

11:18, Alipay total trading volume reached 7 billion 900 million over last year in the United States’ network Monday! ‘"

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