Related to the sale of goods is not random display


now operating electricity supplier website, online promotion costs continue to rise, do related marketing, can effectively use the hard won traffic, improve conversion rates and customer price, thereby reducing the cost of promotion. But a lot of shopkeepers do affiliate marketing, just simply grab a few goods on the details of the page, if this can play a good effect, it can only be said to be a blind cat hit a dead rat. Personal summary, there are 2 basic elements of the associated marketing: the selection of related products and the placement of the relevant location, these 2 elements can be achieved completely zero cost, landscaping, decoration and other factors are not included in the detailed explanation.

first, we determine which products are best suited for affiliate sales of

1 does not focus on promotion, marketing, there is no ranking advantage products, but often have considerable sales. This kind of product relative to our target customer group, usually applicable to a wide range of high acceptance rate. In many cases, such a commodity to increase the source of revenue, increase the amount of customer help.

2 new products and considerable demand, the upcoming season of products, preheat burst, promotional products. These are recommended as a necessary product associated with sales, I do not think there will be any objection.

3 and the product of the page is strong, easy to cause associated with the sale of goods

reasonable arrangement of related location

associated sales should be based on the nature of the associated commodity we selected to determine the location of the association. Here, the page header and footer to analysis

found that many sellers in order to save time, batch using the website system or Taobao shop into the features, a large number of products to guide the accumulation in the header, turnip green vegetables together, accounted for several pieces of the window. Although this is more selective, but not targeted, many customers do not have much patience to accept this visual impact". Do affiliate marketing should be for the nature of each commodity to arrange related products, blind batch insert undesirable.



header part placed without preheating, but focus on the promotion of substantial sales associated with the goods explosion models, or wide adaptability of goods. Personal focus is recommended to create explosive products, do not miss any opportunity to display such products.


page is suitable for placing the product with other products, by improving the exposure of related products, and further improve the sales and customer price. For example, women’s details page, if in its clever cool clothing collocation, many MM are very willing to understand related products.


page tail

removed from the above part of the content to see the customer, can browse to the end of the page, the purchase intention is relatively high. At this point in the end of the page and the page shows a high correlation, easy to use, such as: St.

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