Survey shows that more and more American consumers began to return to the line shopping


according to GfK 2014 FutureBuy global online shopping habits and preferences survey report shows that now, more and more American consumers began to return to the next line shopping. It is reported that the United States in 2014 hall phenomenon (showrooming) year on year decline of 28%, while the reverse hall phenomenon (webrooming) is up by 41%. "Hall phenomenon" refers to the consumer in the store and then through the online shop to buy goods, "exhibition hall phenomenon" just the opposite, referring to the online search, browse, research products, but in the store to buy.

GfK explained that those who choose to buy goods in the store, the United States is to take into account the experience of the United States, the speed of goods and return convenience and other factors. The choice of people who buy goods on the Internet is more emphasis on affordable prices, the purchase of convenient ways and more choices.

it can be seen, whether consumers choose to shop or hall exhibition hall shopping or to look at their specific needs.

In addition, GfK also found that consumers online shopping is also constantly changing

. The company wrote in the report: "although PC and notebook is still in search and online merchandise occupies a large share of the purchase, but now mobile devices (smart mobile phone and tablet) began to play an increasingly important role. The United States this year through the traditional home computer (PC or laptop) for online shopping dropped from 78% to 63%, while the proportion of mobile devices doubled — among them, intelligent mobile phone increased from 8% to 15%, the tablet increased from 5% to 10%."

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