Wen Hui Hai force light electricity supplier to enter the electricity business solutions


recently, Wen Hui Hai technology consulting and service leadership leading enterprises announced that in order to meet the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years, Wen Hui Hai with leading edge technology, mature program advantage and industry experience, enter the "light" business services.

It is reported that

, Evans Hai Hui’s "light" business services, which includes three important aspects: one is the focus of mobile providers, micro business platform for the development of the electricity supplier, O2O, to the user demand, explore the low cost and rapid development of the electricity supplier service deployment capabilities, help professional business platform, the transformation of traditional industries to build e-commerce including business platform, APP, middleware and a series of solutions, including commodity display, search, order processing, logistics, payment and other aspects; the two is based on the cloud platform electricity supplier giant Alibaba, Jingdong, Tencent and other mall electricity supplier, provide value-added services based on the traditional electricity supplier, such as shop management design, customer purchasing system redeem mall and other services. In the value-added services in the field of electricity supplier, Wen Hui Hai can provide services in two areas: the establishment of electronic business platform to provide cloud platform scheme based on research and development capabilities of Jingdong, Jingdong established customer commodity pool construction redeem mall, large customer internal procurement platform, and gradually formed the integral exchange and internal procurement product line, providing value-added service providers solution; several major business platform based on ISV service capacity of research and development of e-commerce. Third, the electricity supplier service platform based on open source (such as Shop++, JavaShop, etc.) to provide SMEs B2B e-commerce solutions, and gradually establish a B2B independent research and development service ability, the formation of independent development of product lines and light electricity supplier service platform, establish and perfect the SMEs B2B2C e-commerce solutions.

at present, in the above three areas, Wen Hui Hai has been serving KeyinPrint, Fu Shikang, Bayer, Colgate, Guangzhou automobile finance, Xinhua insurance B2B, B2C business and integral mall, service business areas have included restaurants, department stores, FMCG, healthcare, automotive, financial and other industries and fields.

According to Wen Hui Hai

official said the electricity supplier, electricity supplier service industry has become a new economic model of the transformation of economic growth mode, reduce transaction costs, enhance economic efficiency and increase the efficiency of commodity circulation, countries continue to introduce more policies to encourage and support the business related industry development, the development speed of the cross-border electricity supplier also creates a thousand li a day. More space for this objective for the science and technology consultation and service providers to Wen Hui Hai as the representative of the. On the one hand, the rapid development of professional electronic business platform, the transformation of traditional industries and areas to further accelerate the electricity supplier model, with the development of cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet, electricity providers continue to appear in the new model. In the traditional electricity providers increasingly mature, the location of the O2O become the giants in a new round of competition based on Small and micro businesses have also started the transformation of the road of e-commerce, and the business community will have the new mode of brand, scale and technology. At the same time, a variety of social services into calls recharge, water and electricity, etc. have also tried to electricity supplier approach. Driven by this, the electricity supplier

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