Groupon or by American industry group purchase execution down creative paralysis


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Groupon or lead the group purchase industry paralysis (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Zhong Tao) June 4th Beijing time news, the famous American magazine "Esquire" 6/7, will be published to · Coulson (Ken Kurson) review article pointed out that many problems exist in the United States Groupon group purchase website, may will lead to the U.S. group purchase industry paralyzed situation.

The following is the full text of Coulson


I recently received 20 discount information from the Groupon website, including City Scavenger Hunts and Private Kangoo Classes, etc.. Discount rates for these promotional items are between 50% and 81%. Unless I’m very interested in all kinds of sports, entertainment, or educational programs, I’m almost zero in spending on these projects.

this is just one of the current problems with Groupon.

when you really participate in these discounted consumption, will encounter another problem. Everyone knows the basic truth: local businesses agree to sell products or services at discounted prices, such as the original price of $20, a discount of $10. Groupon will release the information, if the number of users to meet the requirements of the merchant, then the buy transaction effective, so businesses get $5, Groupon took another $5. This is equivalent to the original price of $20 compared with the merchant, the merchant will bear the loss of 75%.

but the biggest problem with Groupon is that it seems unlikely that the site will be able to transform its creative ideas into real business models. Only to find a true business model, Groupon in order to profit and publish accurate digital earnings. Groupon could have become an outstanding company has its own positioning, the company does not need to expand the scale, so don’t be forced to a 43 year old, has been the father of American suburban consumers selling hot yoga courses.

I am very worried about the future development of Groupon. I also worry that Groupon employees are not allowed to sell the company’s shares will be locked in the end of June 1st, is expected to be a large number of Groupon shares will be sold by employees. I also worry that Groupon good business ideas, will be replaced by halfcooked executive ability.


Groupon has spawned a large number of imitators (either the United States or the international market, but so are) the problem faced by the company is that much more serious. EBay was able to successfully overcome the challenges from Amazon and YAHOO in the field of online auctions

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