How to successfully carry out social network marketing


how to successfully carry out traditional social networking marketing


social media marketing (Social media marketing, SMM), also known as social marketing, is an Internet marketing model, it refers to participate in various social media networks to achieve marketing objectives.

SNS is becoming one of the most important Internet application, this one from the school, happy net as well as 51, and the QQ space SNS site huge traffic can be seen, it is increasingly becoming a part of Internet users do not lack. When people allocate a considerable portion of the time to the SNS site, it has a lot of marketing value.

so, how to use the fiery SNS for traditional enterprises to create value?

first, the product or brand into the SNS user interaction media.

as an example, currently on the SNS website, virtual gifts is an important way to express the interpersonal relationship, and virtual gifts and real-life activities should be relative, such as jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, books and so on can be, for example in the promotion of a clothes, in accordance with the reality of the appearance of a a virtual gift, placed on the gift list, the user can use it as a free gift when there is a chance, luck, and virtual gifts to send out for example, a personal gift recipient in 100 people, have access to the reality of the clothing, clothing people need to comment on the website group. Now, large SNS site, more than 10 million of users have been very common, if the page is sent through gift gift, which if only 1% of the people use it to give gifts, at least more than 100 thousand people and are active gifts, gifts people can also see this gift, then at least 200 thousand people involved, when the present generation rebate behavior, the gift itself again to get the impression deepened, due to the participation of activities, to arouse people’s curiosity, even without the participation of the giver, browse page every day gift can be very high, which can play the role of advertising display. At the same time also offers to buy the entrance entrance for the user, but online shops, such as the establishment of their own sales website, but also based on other website platform shops and so on, therefore, how much is it can calculate the effective conversion rate. Lancome has tried to promote Maginfique perfume on the happy online, the user gives the gift three times a day, you can get a gift.

second, the establishment of products and brands of the group, in the quiet of the product to allow users to accept the concept of products and brands.

The group established a brand or product on the website SNS

, for example, happy net establishment of Lancome group, more than 1 months, users exceeded more than 10 thousand, and the high popularity, user information here can share products, including product introduction, the use of feelings, purchasing activities, even store information and so on. At the same time, in the group of ancestors.

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