Lazy company Unfamiliar Street living in the shadow of Tencent



Tang Yan said that the heart is lonely, while there are strong social desire of people who are unfamiliar street typical users. Sina Technology Zhang Nan

twists and turns, unfamiliar street from the river garden villa moved to the new office of Beijing China World Trade Center Wantong center. This new office decoration has a startup rare fresh and chic, main tone and unfamiliar street is almost identical to APP blue.

I contact the Internet for a long time, in the early days of the Internet, life is more important people are aware of the internet." Tang Yan of sina technology, Internet social networking has been on his very large, but came to Beijing in the Internet industry after BBS, it is difficult to start a community, to meet new friends.

QQ is an important social tool, but you think how long have you met through QQ stranger? "Said Tang Yan, with your new friends are likely to be working with you, learn about the people, are people in your social circle. Strangers, to expand the new social circle of the channel is not, not because you do not have this desire, but now the channel does not fly.

is one of many media chiefs, Tang Yan was the most favorite mobile phone is NOKIA E712010, is "late" on iPhone. He began to try all kinds of social applications, especially LBS based social applications, street, NetEase eight party.. But he is not satisfied with these social applications.

these applications do not solve the most simple question: if we all live in this hotel, it allows us to know each other, can produce social." Tang Yan said.

unexpected start

2011, Tang Yan feels the time has come. He retired from the position of chief editor of NetEase. At that time, the mobile Internet has just started, the company has not yet fully force, entrepreneurial companies have the opportunity, and then a little late to miss the opportunity.

"I had decided to do social applications based on LBS. Because this type of product in foreign countries do not have a successful prototype, we have nowhere to copy." Tang Yan said that even foreign countries, due to the huge cultural gap, European and American products are not necessarily suitable for Chinese people.

"since 1949, the moral relationship between strangers has been destroyed, strangers and strangers need to be wary of each other. It’s easy to say hello to a person in a foreign country." He concluded that the Chinese people are generally introverted, in public places is not particularly willing to communicate with people. At the same time, China’s urban density of the world’s first, but also based on the social products of people living near the foundation.

however, unfamiliar street has not yet encountered setbacks on the line. When the first version was submitted to the App Store, repeatedly rejected by apple. "Apple was rejected three times in a row, every time it was submitted to the rejected cycle for between 5 and 7 days

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