From the Taobao announcement ahead looked at Ma Yun


a few years ago when Ali acquired the reputation network, and friends talked about Ma Yunchao before the eyes, now Alibaba B2B business to business platform from person to person, C2C platform, Taobao mall, all of which can be used to open up all the YAHOO mailbox login account, the seller to promote products through the Ali mama, through to analyze the needs of life and reputation sharing information through the Internet network to promote further prosperity and development, promote the survival and growth of phpwind by the owners, through a scouring network to meet the needs of users to search, to solve all aspects of integrated system through Ali cloud, through Alipay solve collection and capital flow to the ecosystem, is the lack of enterprise brand planning this, because Yahoo China media platform failure, let Taobao take creative mission, and now released "Innovation" strategy for the whole Taobao strategy is more perfect, will come from the professional marketing consulting agencies, advertising companies, well-known enterprises and marketing professionals in e-commerce marketing of this new brand marketing, marketing industry from the traditional channel officially entered the Internet era.

Taobao five anniversary, Ma Yun announced 2 billion inject to Taobao, since Taobao began to open platform, then Ali cloud is then open Alipay open platform, and the frame of strategy of Baidu in the first place is a staking strategy, followed by an open platform strategy, another mountain after 3Q reflection after finally want to understand the plan details open next year, open Internet is already represent the general trend in a few years ago, Ma Yun has seen the development of the industry trend, gain the initiative for the Alibaba, an open Alibaba has surfaced, a "electronic commerce foundation service provider" the Alibaba is formed. The future through the big Taobao strategy to get through Alibaba B2B and Taobao, Alibaba formally formed C2b2B2S mode. Where C is a consumer, b2B is a small B channel, big B is the manufacturer, S is such as logistics, banking, insurance, gas, planning companies, systems integrators and other services throughout the value chain.

Ma Yun had mentioned about the relationship of enterprise and social responsibility, to do a successful enterprise, the first social responsibility Ma Yun want the Alibaba to take, to create 1 million employment opportunities for the society; Ma Yun once said, "one day Ababa tax one million"; we are not remember Ma Yun in a letter entitled "winter" the mission of the e-mail, he first predicted the economic crisis, and so on, and when he uttered these words, a piece of criticism and questioning the country, said that he is a Martian, offbeat, arrogant; when the target is confirmed when the hope predicted, those who questioned the people no longer hear their voices, Ma Yun, the rebellious thinking of anti break the normal procedure, dogma, acting style beyond all expectations for the future depends on his confidence and judgment, has a very advanced thinking consciousness .

remember a successful scholar said that money first need to have a vision followed by the right way, and Ma unique vision and thinking methods will give us

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