How to fully understand the operation of micro operators


for micro business, different friends will have different operating practices, this is understandable, but we see more of the manipulation of the disorder and randomness. It is like a war, many friends are using guerrilla tactics, seemingly a lot of profit, relaxed and casual, but can not form a more powerful impact, micro business career will be stagnant. So in such a case, how can we tease out a more effective micro business philosophy?

integrity is the first element of micro business. Micro business to a large extent stained with WeChat’s light, there is no WeChat, micro business naturally reduce the number of efforts. Then combined with WeChat, and the core competitiveness of the micro business from where? On the surface, micro business development is about to do a small, small and large, the cumulative operating concept has penetrated into the new and old practitioners heart, we use WeChat constantly screening users, constantly, constantly exploring more effective the promotion, but in the process there is always treachery "profiteers". They have let itself not mature business micro payment system becomes very careful, not only that, the derivative of the rise of the law began to allow more users to buy with caution, in case I cheated, if the product is not good to do a refund. And so on concern among derivative stands in the teeth of the storm. Although a large area of fake WeChat after the storm, the wind stop selling, against the individual micro business way "profiteers" still exists. The good faith management as a guide to action derivative, as well as derivative moral standards, micro operators not cheap, do not care about the business of the gain and loss, to improve service quality, meet customer demand for the business philosophy.

micro business to WeChat well function in all aspects of marketing remedium. It can be said that no matter who, marketing is the top priority of micro business. And this is obviously a lot of people trapped. How to find their favorite customers, how to expand their user base, these are many micro business has not been able to solve the problem. In fact, just back to the topic, based on the micro business is based on WeChat, is a high viscosity has the ability to expand the communication platform, the marketing problems, largely because of its platform for WeChat is not familiar with, in the propaganda remedium too much formality. In fact, as long as the rational use of these platform function, we find the way customers would not be too difficult, such as friends and group chat using circle of cooperation between public and private chat between the promotion of communication, entertainment and so on envelopes stimulate customer interest, this marketing method has a lot of, need to find the derivative and the precision of exploration, to promote transformation of marketing achievements. Micro business circle is doing business, the customer at least as operating standards, and then start from the circle, the use of a friend to do the driving force, this thinking is still worthy of recognition.

so how do we make big circle circle? This is a good question, in fact, after years of development, micro business is still not mature, but there is still some successful cases so that we can find a way to solve the problem. As a college student by WeChat will be the home sales >

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