Melon seeds used car and 200 million U S dollars is a stimulant or sedative


news January 29th, according to the relevant media broke the news, the seeds of second-hand car direct sale network recently completed over 200 million dollars in financing, investment is expected after a number of investors in the market, after the round seeds valued at more than $1 billion. Car thing brother is not surprised by this news, CEO Yang said he would burn at least $100 million in 2016. The financing market rumors already completed.

car thing brother believes that the financing will be used car electricity supplier, especially the C2C model of second-hand car electricity supplier played a stimulant, at least the capital side of this model may be profitable. But for the entire used car electricity supplier, it is more like playing a sedative agent, although in 2016 financing, but from the real oligarchs appear far.

C2C mode stimulant

melon seeds financing road

in September last year, the "fair car" renamed "seeds of second-hand car direct selling net", from the end of November to complete the independent resolution, Yang Haoyong personally inject $60 million, opened a second-hand car electricity supplier war burn prelude. In January this year, the melon used cars sold the network to get $200 million financing, valuation of more than $1 billion. It is reported that this is the second-hand car direct selling net seeds from 58 market group after independence, the real significance of the new round of financing. Insiders broke the news, the round of financing as early as 2015, that is, in the year of 2016, in the year of January has been credited to the beginning of the year in November.


but as the representative of the C2C model of second-hand car electricity supplier business, although the report continues to increase data capture. But questions about its model have been constant.

C2C patterns of those defects

in the Chinese C2C mode mainly face the following problems

(1) transaction efficiency is low, not necessarily cheap

C2C as an intermediary model, relative to the closing time, buyers and sellers are more sensitive to price. For selling car users, certainly want to sell to dealers and cattle than high. For car users, want to buy cheaper. The price of the two, according to the assessment division given the reference price, but also depends on the psychological game between the two sides, how much is a bargain. Although the second-hand car as non-standard items, there is no two units of the same car, but there may be a loss of interest from the price situation.

(2) difficult to deal with different places, integrity is very important

relative to B2B, B2C mode has the dealer’s participation, can carry on the circulation. C2C mode due to the need to see a car on the spot, traffic factors become obstacles, so most transactions in the city. In addition, integrity is crucial for C2C. Both parties need to establish credibility, for a major accident, there are issues such as mortgage needs to be honest. In addition to the matchmaking party trading platform, whether there are flaws in the detection process of valuation. The general inspection door without lifting machine, there is a certain risk, the intermediate process mainly depends on.

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