Meaning continuous jewelry online orders online delivery of e commerce


according to statistics, in 2010 Chinese jewelry market size of more than 300 billion, but on the Internet, jewelry sales accounted for only 1% of the overall scale, industry experts believe that by 2011 the online jewelry can direct the market accounted for 2-3%, and the user can move the market scale to more than 15% growth, which is almost 7 billion, the network marketing mode so people outside the industry generally optimistic about jewelry.

according to the National Inspection Center for consumer follow-up, currently plaguing the jewelry sales network is still the biggest issue of integrity, television and online media to online shopping jewelry often quality problems, many well-known brands of "black list" has also been repeatedly reported, many consumers confront and cheap online shopping from impact network sales of jewelry in a certain extent.

in recent years, network sales of jewelry brands have with the national standard of jewelry making institutions national jewelry quality supervision and Inspection Center (NGTC) signed a strategic cooperation agreement, covering research, inspection, publicity and other aspects of the content, to provide reliable quality assurance for consumers, enhance consumer confidence, to a certain extent the jewelry sales network has played a positive role in promoting.

and the original intention of rain jewelry online ordering delivery service, creating a network of sales of jewelry precedent, as long as users in the official store to buy more than $100 thousand worth of the baby when the company will send someone to provide door-to-door service, customers can get the price for online shopping mall than the better service, at the same time to resolve the issue of integrity jewelry jewelry online shopping, meaning rain Jewelry Mall to force of e-commerce, the original service is good, have great originality, to provide convenient services for customers at all costs, the author believes that it will be in the near future by other jewelry companies to follow.

"innovation" is an important factor to make the Internet enterprises conducive to an invincible position, the traditional enterprises want to occupy a space for one person in the field of Internet, must learn to innovate, and for new business models and technology innovation, all around the user and do, who owns the users, who will occupy the market, thus establishing a good the model of learning in terms of innovation continuous meaning for other jewelry jewelry company.

It is reported that

, meaning rain jewelry (Hongkong) Co. Ltd. ( is a joint-stock business, is composed of three entities jade jewelry wholesalers joint-stock joint venture to build, in Burma, Yunnan and Guangdong have their own production base, the current network of electronic commerce authorized by "Xiamen Dili Xin Network Technology Limited company" management through the combination of the three entities, telephone, Internet, professional e-commerce sites high-grade jade, agate, precious stones and other natural products wholesale and retail in the business, the use of "continuous meaning jewelry" brand, is the national protection of the exclusive domestic jewelry jade 14 registered trademarks of


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