What is nternet domain name


technically speaking, domain name is just a way to solve the problem of IP address correspondence in Internet. Internet domain name is the name of a server or a network system on the Internet network.

    domain name is in the form of a number of English letters and numbers, separated by a few parts, such as IBM.COM is a domain name, NAMESKY.COM is an international domain name. Whether it is an international or domestic domain name, access to the Internet network of people around the world are able to accurately access. From the business point of view, the domain name has been hailed as "the company’s online trademark". No enterprise does not attach importance to their products logo – trademark, and the importance of the domain name and its value, has also been recognized by enterprises around the world. In March 1998 a month, the world registered 179331 generic top-level domain (according to InterNIC data), an average of 5977 domain names registered every day, each of the 25! The record is growing at a rate of 7% a month. The number of Chinese domain name registration, from the end of 96 before the cumulative of the more than and 300, to of the year of November soared to the 16644, the monthly growth rate of 10%.

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