Taobao mall online supermarket operators try to stop the first life service in Shanghai


January 15th, Taobao mall online supermarket ( formally launched the first trial operation in Shanghai. It is understood that Taobao mall online supermarket planning has half the time, with more and more supermarket retail industry businesses, enterprises and logistics warehousing partners, Taobao mall to build B2C platform of one-stop supplies procurement and service model is gradually revealed.


online supermarket has been questioned, but in the online shopping trend, many traditional department stores have ocs. October 2010 intime network formally launched, is seen as a symbol of the traditional department store industry into e-commerce. Then, MerryMart supermarket Lianhua Lianhua OK network shopping center will come on the stage. Transformation of traditional stores online trend has become.

Taobao mall online supermarket is following the digital city, a shoe museum, museum, Museum of beauty on the line after the decoration is an important vertical B2C platform, means there is more standardized, quality, standardized products and services involved in public life necessities online retail market. It will not only be a shopping platform, but also to the logistics, payment and other integrated one-stop service channel.

It is reported that

, the first online supermarket in Shanghai Taobao users, local people can stay at home to buy the supermarket supplies, and enjoy Taobao within 24 hours of delivery. Part of the application in the online supermarket page members of the public can also enjoy Alipay life assistant, such as mobile phone charging, pay the hydropower gas costs etc..


online mall supermarket Project Manager Ma Xuejun said, the next Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other city online supermarket will also have on-line operations, logistics and distribution will also shorten the time in 12 hours, and increased nighttime distribution, users need to solve.

merchant quality assurance

it is understood that the online supermarket to provide products and services businesses are the leader in the domestic supermarket industry, they provide qualified, high-quality products, and decided to product online pricing and discount promotions. Ma Xuejun said that Taobao Mall for the presence of businesses will have a strict audit mechanism. Generally speaking, the need to provide national food and daily necessities and other relevant quality inspection departments of the certification, dealers also need to provide a certificate of eligibility for their products can be applied to the super library. To online sales, the first online also have to be a qualified retailer."

These industry giants

respectively, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Sophie, nice, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Joyoung, arowana, textiles, food and beverage, personal care, beauty of maternal and child supplies, supplies, kitchen supplies, Home Furnishing textile, household appliances and many other categories. Ma Xuejun said that the trial operation of the online supermarket businesses have more than and 200, involving hundreds of brands, the choice of consumers will be very much.

product prices are generally not higher than the price of the line, due to direct sales, some products will be sold at promotional prices, the price is more attractive

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