Talk about several foreign registered domain name business pros and cons


Enom name GoDaddy is a registered domain name is more, the domestic domain name business is not very understanding of these, I would like to introduce their differences and the pros and cons of the right under the bar on the! Don’t blame me if I don’t write well!

godaddy is said to be the largest global domain name registration, where the domain name is the first in the world, buy a host in the GoDaddy or SSL domain name registration is $1.99 COM domain name registration is $6.99     register a domain name to send a free 5G space advertising, gave EMIAL what services, value-added the service is very good, the parsing speed is very good, I used it the parsing speed is too fast, feeling less than 1 minutes of good, and domestic ***DNS analysis to more than 1 days

name first year registered domain name is cheaper now about $5.99 RMB is about 43 yuan, free to send Google Apps renewals higher, about $7.99, and the free whois privacy protection, this is good, ha ha, all the money in other places.

domainsite is said to be the agent of name, a domain name registration and renewal is $6.99, but no DNS service, you need to find a DNS server, but many DNS servers are free of charge, such as domestic is to provide free services such as DNS, want to buy DNS service domain price is $7.88.

here to tell you a skill, you can save some money, to register a domain name in NAME $5.99, to renew the renewals of the time to $6.99, due to name. But I haven’t tried it, but a lot of people have tried it!

enom domestic registration should be more, it has 2 kinds of accounts, ordinary account Retail and proxy account reseller.

ordinary account registered in

proxy account registered in

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