Pizza com domain name 2 million 600 thousand to shoot high


news April 7th, an American man days ago for $2 million 600 thousand (about 18 million 250 thousand yuan) price will be sold to the domain of another bid for unnamed person.

is the owner of the domain name before the age of 43 Chris Clark, in 1994, he applied to the domain name, the domain name for each year to pay $20 fee. He said that before the domain name transaction, the domain name has been put on the Internet for a week of auction.

Clark initially bought the domain name for $20 and turned it into a pizza delivery directory. Clark is said to have been profitable in the past few years.

although Clark pays a small fee for the domain name every year, but when he heard someone bought the domain name of for $3 million, he decided to sell it.

Clark: I was thinking, why don’t I try? If someone is willing to pay $3 million to buy the domain name, someone might be interested in the domain name. "

recalls, Clark said he regretted not buying more domain names in 1994.

he is from the beginning of March 27th in the online auction domain name, the first bid price of $100.

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