How to make good use of clothing enterprises buy hammer


shortly before the president of the Dunhuang network Wang Shutong, had mentioned in an article, buy mode is not a universal hammer. In contrast, Chinese whole group purchase market, from the original hundred regiments to now thousands of war, spectacular and intensified, can let a person see the market group purchase Jinpen exuberant prosperity, even many well-known IT people said that in the next few years China the group purchase market will usher in a reshuffle. But now it is more wash more.

Now more and more

hammer changed, but how to make good use of the hammer? The author from the analysis of the industry, a brief talk about clothing enterprises should be how to more effectively do group purchase this cake. In December 2010 the network group purchase monthly sales reached 1 billion yuan, a year down the cumulative sales volume reached 3 billion 700 million yuan, from the current sales categories, mainly catering, leisure and entertainment, beauty salons, clothing in group purchase to do this one is not too much, is basically a blank. Of course, in addition to the characteristics of the clothing itself, the more important thing is to pay attention to the size of a hammer for the operation.

what kind of hammer is more suitable for the future from the market analysis of the platform, the author believes that the group will buy the giant and fashion platform will be the main platform for the future clothing group. The first group purchase IT giants with strong financial strength, can quickly adjust the system structure, and the strength of the expansion of the market, in the capital market driven, will continue to change the profit model and group purchase promotion, this is some small group purchase platform and beyond, and with the Internet giant into the enclosure the movement will be intensified.

is the second fashion platform has many years of operating experience, because these platforms are born and are hung indivisible, and after years of market operation and market promotion, accumulated certain market segments of consumer groups, such as the butterfly hearing network group purchase, in fashion design butterfly news has a high market position, market segments have more extensive, so the group purchase market into the garment from the outside, can be said to be behoove. Of course, butterfly hearing group purchase network in the future how to make full use of their own platform resources, play the power but also the future of Garment Group purchase we need to wait and see, this analogy, so it is Chinese clothing net, the future can make use of existing resources to expand the industrial chain Market profit space, we also have reason to think the possibility of its strategic direction.

clothing enterprises and businesses how to operate this platform? The author combines market inherent mode at present, that is the first product, garment enterprises and businesses must understand the different styles of clothing positioning angle, and combining with the characteristics of different platform were comprehensively compared, for example, if your product is a high-end consumer, then you the platform must match. Secondly, it is to know the current market goals or strategic direction, many traditional clothing companies and businesses usually do not pay attention to the strategy and the determination of market objectives, so that it is easy to cause the market

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