Three domain name 069 com to 7500 transaction


three digit domain name in the country has been favored by the majority of Internet companies and Internet users,,, and other digital domain names have been applied to three well-known sites. Three digital domain names in the domain name trading market is also of concern, recently in foreign well-known domain name trading network to $7500 price.

it is understood that the original holds the name Replic8 Solutions Inc Canada Company holds, the buyer information is encrypted, temporarily unable to obtain new holder information.

good network responsible Meken that transaction price is relatively fair, now three, two domestic digital domain digital domain has a lot, in a certain sense has lost a good record, easy to distinguish advantage. Three numbers that has no special meaning, especially its often frivolous high five digit to six digit price, its significance in terms of the investment (not return). Suggested that the domain name investors will shift to other types of investment targets.

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