The double is approaching electricity providers have begun to network promotion preheating


2011, can be described as the world’s electricity supplier in the world a year, the electricity supplier through a variety of festivals, or to create the festival, launched a network marketing war. As the last day, the double 12 Festival, has become a hot topic of "holiday" business. In the upcoming Christmas and new year’s day, how can we miss the electricity supplier?.

Taobao network promotion preheat is not surprising

take the most familiar example of Taobao, open the Taobao home page, we can easily find on Christmas or new year’s Day promotions, all kinds of goods began to discount. This is what we expected, for Taobao’s electricity supplier who, no Festival can also create a holiday, not to mention Christmas and new year’s day, how they will miss it!

classified information website to join the network promotion preheat

in addition to Taobao, even we don’t seem to let electricity supplier website also started doing double preheating, such as some classified information website, we are quite familiar with the 58 city and go to the market. In 58 city and Ganji’s home page, we search for "Christmas promotions" on holiday promotion Keywords, is to see the business promotion information will appear on the page. All kinds of goods, training courses, shopping card promotions, etc..


(58 city Christmas, new year’s Day Promo screenshot)


( Christmas, new year’s Day promotional screenshots)

short hustle and bustle of the promotion into a marathon race

the day of the festival started with preferential policies, now businesses are advertised early. In the past, it seems only a brief lively Christmas and new year’s Day promotional activities, in today’s view, it is more like a "marathon" marketing feast. Or the electricity supplier who also clearly see: who can quickly grasp the network promotion opportunities, who will be able to produce a particularly dazzling promotional transcripts at the end of the year. This dazzling promotional transcripts are coveted.

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