Guangdong cosmetics safety proposed new regulations online shopping fake website claims can be found


Nanfang Daily (reporter / Xin Junqing) 14, the provincial government affairs to the public comments of Guangdong province cosmetics safety regulations (Provincial Food and Drug Administration draft) clearly, the consumer online shopping fake and expired cosmetics, damage the legitimate rights and interests, can apply to network businesses for compensation; if you can’t get the merchant, by the website of compensation. The website has the right to compensation, business recovery.

gifts are fake, businesses also bear

reviewers at the same time, the site does not fulfill its management responsibilities, so that the legitimate rights and interests of consumers are compromised, and the site should be jointly liable for the business. In addition, if the site commitment is more conducive to the consumer, should fully fulfill their promise, not. The food and drug supervision and Administration Department of the website is responsible for the supervision and administration of the website.

draft regulations prohibit the sale of cosmetics including 12 categories, including special instructions, promotional gifts, sales with prize prize, as a business behavior, not expired, metamorphic and counterfeit case.

according to the draft, the prohibition of sales of cosmetics including: expired or spoiled or contaminated, counterfeit imported cosmetics, or forged products, forgery, fraudulent use of another person’s name and address, approval documents for production, packaging and selling cosmetics operators, or use of forged or altered certificates, labels, brochures, inspection reports, quarantine certificate use, expired or abandoned, recycling does not meet the requirements of the production of raw materials or cosmetics.

cosmetic label shall not have medical terms

in the manuscript, cosmetics exaggerate function has also been banned.

which provides cosmetic label shall be marked indications or functions, medical terminology, express or implied content that has medical effects, not exaggerated features, false propaganda, belittle similar products, the use of absolute words or easy to cause misunderstanding or confusion of content consumers. In addition, the violation of public order and good customs are not allowed to appear.


draft is also clear, cosmetic advertising should be true and scientific, not by the logo or other forms of false propaganda product efficacy or performance, or claim implies that the product has medical effects, the use of the name of others or implied guarantee that consumers misunderstand its utility.

in addition, with the new implementation of the consumer protection law, the star endorsement advertising, such as involving false propaganda, will jointly and severally liable with the merchant.

found quality problems should be discontinued recall

reviewers also issued a recall of defective cosmetics provisions. Specifically, cosmetics production enterprises found that the production of cosmetics quality defects or other reasons may be harmful to human health, should immediately stop production and recall has sales of cosmetics, notify the relevant operators and consumers, and record the recall and notice.

at the same time, cosmetics production enterprises shall recall the cosmetics

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