The counter attack on grass root restaurant chain build 5 levels of the food chain


review: September 28th, Shenzhen sky map capital announced to spend 100 million yuan investment house barbecue, the goal is to create a leading China barbecue hut barbecue brand.

barbecue hut was founded in 2003, a total of 33 stores in Shenzhen, Beijing, Tianjin at present, founder of Sui int says their goal is within a year of more than 5 years of sea fishing, hundred thousand shops.

in the increasingly fierce competition in the barbecue market at the moment, wooden barbecue with what can get the favor of the capital of the days of the gem & I dark horse a few days ago in an exclusive interview with the founder of the house barbecue Sui sui.

the following is a log cabin founder Sui oral:



never dreamed of selling mutton string

returned 10 years ago, I never dreamed I would sell mutton string. You put me on the tree, and I never thought I’d be a restaurant owner.

I came to Shenzhen in 1991, graduated from high school. My first job in Shenzhen was to work as a security guard for a year and a half. In the course of a year and a half in the evening I read in depth, to get a college diploma to the bike, a road 4 years do branch manager. Then I went to SANYO, when it ranked 200 in the world’s top 500, as marketing manager.

at that time, my dream is to do in order to do the so-called manager, manager, I later resigned to go to cram, to participate in the national entrance exam MBA, in this process, a very fortuitous opportunity to pull himself into the whirlpool of entrepreneurship.

I had a very good friend has a project, he wants to do poineering work, but no one gave him Hailun, so he found me, I have to let go. The project has nothing to do with the barbecue, he was also given me the project management unit, I said I do not want, so he began to look at what other projects.

at that time we often go abroad, often eat barbecue, when the standardization of food and beverage industry, the chain has begun to talk about, we feel that this thing has a promising future. What category is suitable for chain? In Chinese, first for the chain is Hot pot, because of its distribution and processing process is very simple, do not need other Chinese chef; the kitchen needs support and experience; the barbecue is between traditional Chinese and Hot pot category.

August 1, 2003, the first house barbecue grill opened, starting only 20 thousand funds. The area of the store is very small, only 5 employees, 5 tables, but we did not think much, it began.

‘s first store is located in Shenzhen’s largest city village, most young people. At the beginning we are still quite disturbed, but did not expect the first day of the business is very hot, muddleheaded. In fact, the success of many so-called successful people are luck

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