Dangdang com Li Guoqing Taobao to Chinese e commerce to astray


Personal online trading platform now don’t burn a lot, but it is a layman, basic personal online trading platform to China with the dead, only if done well, is that their education work can also be burned but with so much money, or not good

eBay, Taobao in what is done well? We’ve had an in-depth study:

Third, must be unified management, we must put the traditional concept of business on the Internet, we have a tough policy unified in any business, must return, unified logistics, unified service, unified payment. Guangzhou Furniture City, many of them are available, but it is reverse return. I met a friend to the people to the wrong size, 3 cm long, he cheated, they do not give back, he would find the furniture city customer service center, customer service center is very tough, took her to the factory where the said, don’t say other, long you gave them again, the results of other people I have to redo. Why? In fact, it is to maintain the credibility of the entire furniture city. This mall can run up.

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