The search giant reached the shopping search B2B search now


in June 2nd, Microsoft announced the launch of the global Chinese search brand in china". As the first global brand Chinese launched Microsoft search field, charge the mind in the brand image design search and localization of graphical interface design, to a new search experience in Chinese search field to enter the market competition to win the fierce.

look at the current pattern of Chinese search market, Baidu and Google jointly accounted for about 90% of the market share. Although the oligopoly market structure has been basically formed, but fancy Chinese search contains huge market revenue, has attracted the major Internet companies have joined the stage. Chinese YAHOO search market share being squeezed out of the top three shows that the Internet is easier to change constantly, but also by domestic enterprises as the major search can provide no small confidence to change the current search pattern. The foreign claims such as Microsoft $100 million push will be underestimated, menacing. While some domestic search rookie quickly began to emerge, NetEase, etc. in the way a hundred responses to a single call to make full use of their resources, in order to expand the influence.

search or leveraging the market subdivision into fulcrum, the search giant to compete for the shopping search.

search engine is a typical technology and demand driven industry, the rapid development of search technology, but the needs of Internet users are increasingly diverse, personalized. And the market is still divided, even if the search industry monopoly formation, but still no search engine to keep the market leader.

, even in the highly developed U.S., Google accounts for more than half of the U.S. search market, but it is still subject to a variety of challenges from the search engine. Those who have a novel style, different experience and a variety of functions of the search engine, more and more users of all ages. While Google has always maintained a cautious, pay close attention to market trends.

face market presents the demand trend of complexity, a net to make the world a message to the old age, who know how to fight over the search engine completely has lost the meaning of technology. In contrast, is still in the primary stage of development Chinese search market, while Baidu and Google occupy an absolute advantage in the market, but compared China two hundred million users and three hundred million Internet users search for one billion and three hundred million of the population, the search market has a huge space for mining. With the number of Internet users Chinese speed growth, increasing demand, who can seize the potential demand, timely grasp the search market segmentation, obtain the fulcrum leveraging the search market, who could win the chance to comeback even beyond the giant.

shopping search has the potential to become a fulcrum. An online survey of Internet users in China shows that the Internet search behavior associated with the search for goods in the top ten Internet behavior ranked the top two. Optimistic about the area of the value-added space, new Microsoft search brand Bing, Google, Youdao shopping search was added to compete.

is not difficult to find, in the search engine more and more emphasis on shopping search service, the future of the commodity category search competition will be more and more

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