When the vertical B2C group purchase industry website 1000 secretly micro transformation


if the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of industry group purchase policies soon, practitioners still immersed in the homogenization of the fight. But there are sober people began to quietly try to buy micro Transformation: differentiation, fine differentiation business fine-tuning. The former Eslite vice president Xu Xiaohui broke the news, group purchase website jumei.com (former U.S. group) and the 12 point is to do vertical B2C transformation, a sword of cosmetics, aimed at a leisure food.

vertical buy site turned light B2C

transformation is just outside the judgment and speculation ", jumei.com co-founder amamori Dai told reporters, but his position to" vertical B2C "agreed," in fact, jumei.com sold as physical goods of the group purchase website directly to consumers, is essentially a lightweight B2C website".

According to

reports, jumei.com launched at the end of March this year, co founded by current CEO Chen ou and Dai Yusen, Liu Hui three. "Our business ideas start targeting female consumers, and then determine to do e-commerce, and aimed at the field of cosmetics, it will naturally start in group purchase group purchase mode."

refers to another service group purchase website, the same source of Dai Yusen believes that the group purchase is the imitation of the GROUPON started, local quality service is the original form, but does not mean to study group purchase Mission, mission to eat glutinous rice, today, tomorrow for toothwash. "Looking for the differentiation strategy, focus on the vertical segments is very important," Dai amamori stressed that "local service group purchase service quality to a large extent by the merchants, group purchase website itself is difficult to supervise and control. Compared with the jumei.com life service group purchase, from purchase to delivery of the whole process control of their own good, we started from the establishment of the first day, we have the complete procurement and logistics team, using the advantages of a group purchase mode of rapid growth, on the other hand, to better ensure the user experience." He is currently on the side of the domestic market to buy thousands of groups, a serious situation of homogeneity concerns.

"focus on vertical segments to quickly seize the advantage of talent shows itself," in the market competition, wearing amamori said, jumei.com is now positioning itself as the most professional service for women’s lightweight electronic commerce website, will be the first to do deep penetration in the field of cosmetics, yet there are plans to expand to the transformation of traditional B2C mall.

and jumei.com "B2C" strategy of cautious, another was "transformation" gossip leisure food group purchase website 12 internal sources, will soon be updated on-line "12 point mall", "there will be more for the user to choose".

has a set of words in the fashion industry insiders, this will be described as buy site micro transformation".

small site micro transformation after the brand road

jumei.com, the 12 point B2C "micro transformation" by Xu Xiaohui and other well-known Internet practitioners optimistic, also caused the concern of investment. It is reported that jumei.com has been the founder of New Oriental.

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