11 home court moved to Beijing Ma 38888 yuan brush away the first single


Guan Jian

the afternoon of October 13th, the Alibaba of Xixi Park, a car "Shanghai A" black license Benz rare in the office, Ma Yun, Cai Chongxin, Zhang Yong et al., opened this year "double 11" global carnival. Ali executives full scene, this scene has not appeared after Ali listing.

experienced in the last year a total of 57 billion 100 million double 11 day trading volume after the excitement, refresh the GMV digital seems to have not this pair of 11 main objectives, to focus on the strategic direction of global buy and sell worldwide, so this year’s double 11 to become "the next 10 years the world’s 2 billion service consumer" vision of a is a test, let the world understand consumers Chinese international business platform name card.

in the park site, specifically carved out a venue to showcase fresh products. Ma Yun used a mobile phone to scan the code to spend 38888 yuan to buy the first double this year, a double single, just shipped from Japan bluefin tuna in. Fresh category will be one of the biggest highlights of this year’s double 11.

this year, the main battlefield of the first 11 pairs in Beijing. The first foreign Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong Ali explained the "road to the north" strategic intention, in the direction of globalization, with great international influence of Beijing will be the best starting point towards global ali.

"goods to

" Globalization

according to the Chilean consulate official said that at present there are 67% of the Chilean economy GDP and foreign trade, which is an important part of the economy of e-commerce. Last Christmas Eve, Chile has 4 million express parcels from Asia, half of them from China’s Alibaba. Chilean consumer demand for Chinese goods, so that the local government began to solve the electricity supplier logistics issues.

double last year 11, there are 217 countries and regions in the Ali platform to achieve the transaction. Compared with the export platform, such as fast selling, Tmall international and other imported platforms in double 11 more attention. In the double 11 to start the day, Japan Kao in Tmall international, explosive goods to the mainland Chinese output by Kao diapers bonded import mode.

Kao Japan Representative Director Takeuchi Junaki told the "First Financial Daily" said in an interview with reporters, Japan Kao currently only by Tmall international China cross-border electricity sales, and China Kao company, Tmall international channel sales of Nissan goods, as the price is based on market circumstances. According to newspaper reporters from consumers understand, divided, Kao diapers production, produced in Taiwan, Japan, in the past many China business platform to buy the price expensive than japan.

this year 11 main globalization, there will be more than 40 thousand businesses, more than 30 thousand brands and 6 million kinds of goods involved in sales, including more than 5 thousand big overseas from the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and other 25 countries and regions. Costco, Metro, Messi department store, etc.

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