Jingdong online banking online payment system to create its own future financial services


original title: three minutes of financing to account Jingdong supply chain finance and then the next child

December 6th, named "Jing Bao Bei 3 minutes financing arrival business officially launched, this is the Jingdong of supply chain finance business and a landing.

December 9th, Jingdong, financial development director Wang Lin in twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said that this is a highly interactive trading platform, through the analysis of the procurement of the Jingdong, on the platform of sales and financial data, perform the automatic approval, risk control and loan, the whole process takes only 3 minutes.

, apply for mortgage loans granted in this process, the IT system according to the supplier’s receipt and settlement of single product sales, such as real-time data, automatic approval, only the abnormal situation to manual approval.

previously, Jingdong’s supply chain finance can be done in the morning, afternoon loan. The "line Jing Bao Bei and enhance the efficiency of financing.

According to Wang Lin

, the supply chain financing loans over a wide range, large scale suppliers can be tens of millions of dollars in financing. Suppliers within the system given the amount of flexible financing. The shortest loan period is 15 days, up to a maximum of 90 days. After the expiration of the loan, you can apply for an extension of 30 days, and after the loan, you can always flexible repayment. At the same time, in the loan period, the Jingdong to the supplier settlement funds, can also be used for repayment.

a year earlier, Jingdong and bank cooperation, has been carried out on the supplier of loans, the average loan amount is 800 thousand -110 million, the overall size of the loan reached $8 billion. Previously, supplier statement loan amount based on the "Bei Jing" is based on a single storage. Next, the average loan amount will be greatly improved." Wang Lin said that after the supply chain loans only for some businesses, from now on, is for all businesses.

in addition, Jingdong get credit from the bank’s interest rate is the benchmark interest rate, the annual rate of interest provided by Jingdong to suppliers is generally around 10%. For Jingdong, supply chain finance is a good business.

The future of

, according to Jingdong POP platform businesses small loan products will also be launched, will be unified into the "Bei Jing" brand. For SMEs, Jingdong in addition to supply chain finance, but also to provide financial services to small and medium enterprises, the use of idle funds.

days ago, Jingdong financial group has been registered, the original Jingdong CFO Chen Shengqiang served as CEO financial group, including online banking, the Jingdong financial group reached more than and 400.

now, Jingdong’s Internet banking business territory gradually clear. Online banking payment instruments has been embedded into the online shopping process, according to the Jingdong financial development senior director Liu Changhong introduction, "online banking has been connected to the gateway of many banks, and banks directly connected, this means that the Jingdong has to precipitation data, using its own payment system in the future, online banking.

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